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Offbeat: please? Polar Bear Leo Poppantl: "In bed the pain"

'Very emotional': Tolstoy descendant hosts Ukrainians in Switzerland

  'Very emotional': Tolstoy descendant hosts Ukrainians in Switzerland Under the intense gaze of Russian literary giant Leo Tolstoy, his great-granddaughter listens with concern as Anastasia Sheludko describes the horrors she experienced before fleeing Ukraine. The invasion of Ukraine by her ancestral homeland Russia nearly six weeks ago had come as a massive shock, Marta Albertini told AFP, adding that she immediately realised she needed to help refugees. "It was instinctive," said the 84-year-old, who is lending Sheludko and her mother an apartment in the small village of Lens, near the plush Swiss Alps ski resort of Crans-Montana.

Leo Pfäderl was back as if he was never gone. With a gate and a template, the polar bear striker shone 2: 1 play-off start-up victory against Cologne. That's why pretty amazing, forced him a sleeve injury beforehand to a six-week pause. A look back is worth it.

  Wie bitte? Eisbär Leo Pförderl: „Im Bett kommen die Schmerzen“ © Provided by Berliner Kurier

on Sunday Marched Pentrobberl as Scorer King in the cabin. On the day exactly a year ago, on April 10, 2021, Leo humped in Iserlohn with a pain-distorted face of the ice. "Pfäderl has pulled a part rupture of the inner band. He has to be treated four to six weeks and thus falls out for the rest of the season, "then complained of EHC sports director Stephane Richer.

South Africa snips lions to manage species in small reserves

  South Africa snips lions to manage species in small reserves On the cusp of sexual maturity, a young lioness is about to be sterilised. - Wildlife veterinarian Peter Rogers cocks his dart rifle and aims it at the four young lionesses elegantly strewn with their mother in the shade of a tree, bellies bulging with a zebra killed overnight. He settles on his target and pulls the trigger. Video: Endangered tiger cubs frolic at Scottish zoo (Reuters) The startled pride grunts and disperses as a red-topped syringe filled with anaesthetic shoots into her neck. One of her sisters pounces over and swats it to the ground.Ten minutes later she's fast asleep, unresponsive to her peers' nudges.

great astonishment prevailed two weeks later, when the number 93 was warm to the first play-off semi-final against Ingolstadt. Leo suddenly mixed again.

he found a miracle healer? Pfänderl explains: "Not, but a very dedicated medical department. Dr. Jens Ziesche and our two Physios Thomas Wöhrl and Andre Kreidler have taken care of me very intensively. I only endeavored 14 days for my rehab. I completely avoided the ice at that time and this year. Of course, I have not risen to a bicycle. "Then Leo Grinst and says," The relatively fast recovery is certainly on my upper Bavarian blood. " Ziesche: "That with the blood I let off aside, but the teeth together, the Bayer can."

also the season preparation pays off: Pfäderl: "My hard summer training helped me too, though the injury was a bit tedious this time. "

Psychotricks are not the matter Dr. Ziesche, therefore he reveals: "Leo Pfäderl is unlikely diligent, eagerly goes into physiotherapy, and that pays off."

Nevertheless, the fast recovery seems small miracles. "Miracles?" Ask Purscheuerl astonished before the second quarter-finals at the Kölner Haiege (Tuesday, 19.30 clock) and then says, "The miracle is the pot. If you get the chance to become German champions, you put a lot away and feel the pain until the evening in the evening. "

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Polar regions normalise – for now – after record-breaking heat .
Scientists warn higher temperatures will become more frequent and devastating in Antarctica and the Arctic.The planet’s poles made international headlines mid-March amid unprecedented heatwaves. Temperatures 30 to 40 degrees Celsius (54-72F) above average were recorded in both the Arctic and Antarctic.

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