Offbeat: Data Protection Representative: SPD continues to relate to Cohauss

SPD and Greens open: Do the nuclear power plants stay longer?

 SPD and Greens open: Do the nuclear power plants stay longer? In the debate about an extension of the run times of the three remaining nuclear power plants beyond the end provided for December 31, there is increasing movement within the traffic light coalition. The FDP has been making it clear for weeks that it advocates a runtime extension of the Meiler Neckarwestheim 2 in Baden-Württemberg, Emsland in Lower Saxony and Isar 2 in Bavaria. Now SPD chairwoman Saskia Esken said that she was "not on the move" on the subject.

The SPD parliamentary group is entered into a quick solution after the parliamentary summer break when filling the data protection officer in Saxony-Anhalt. "I hope that we will have a joint answer as a coalition in autumn," said faction leader Katja Pähle of the German Press Agency. "We have discussions, we set the summer break at the gain in knowledge."

The SPD faction stands behind the candidates, who had not received a majority at the election process in March. «My faction is behind Mr. Cohaus's application. We have to come to a result as soon as possible, »said Pähle.

In the spring, the election of the data protection officer in the state parliament failed surprisingly. In the vote, the black-red-yellow coalition had no majority for the favorite candidate Albert Cohaus. He only received 46 votes, 49 would have been necessary. The coalition has 56 seats. Cohauss has been responsible for data protection for data protection since January 2021, he is the director of his deputy.

‘I can’t go home’: Timorese turn to asylum, lost in Australia’s confusing visa system

  ‘I can’t go home’: Timorese turn to asylum, lost in Australia’s confusing visa system Temporary migrant workers from Timor Leste are failing miserably in their quest for asylum, learning the hard way that a protection visa is neither a financial safety net nor a means to work. And yet many Timorese mistakenly believe it’s a work visa. “The asylum visa was a way for me to work,” former PLS worker Atcha Soares said. “I tried to get another work visa, but it didn’t work so I applied for a protection visa.

Why the coalition did not bring a majority together in the secret coordination is unclear. It can be heard that Cohauss should not have convinced everyone at his idea in the state parliament and that parts of the CDU parliamentary group prefer to fill the position with their own candidate.

"We continue to press the pace and will also penetrate the coalition that we are heading for a solution there in September," said FDP parliamentary group leader Andreas Silbersack. It is difficult to represent nationwide if the state of Saxony-Anhalt has not been able to present a data protection officer for years.

parts of the opposition offer support to the coalition. One is ready to talk, said Left Group leader Eva von Angern. «It won't fail to fail if there is a good candidate for this office. We are interested in the fact that the authority works well. » However,

AfD and Greens see black-red-yellow. "We don't help the coalition," said AfD parliamentary group leader Oliver Kirchner. Green parliamentary group leader Cornelia Lüddemann said: “No idea how the coalition wants to solve this. She obviously does not have a majority of her own majority. And if you don't talk to us, then there will be no cooperation in absolutely necessary factual issues. »

Schröder sues Bundestag for former Chancellor's office .
The ex-government head survived the attempt to exclude him from the SPD. Now he goes on the offensive - against a constitutional body. © Sean Gallup/Getty Images The former Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD) is suing the Bundestag to restore its special rights withdrawn in May. The 78-year-old demands that an old Chancellor's office with employees will again be made available to him, as his Hanover lawyer Michael Nagel informed the German Press Agency (dpa).

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