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3 Positive things we’ve learned from watching Couples Therapy Australia

  3 Positive things we’ve learned from watching Couples Therapy Australia This hot new series takes a deep dive into the world of relationship counselling.Guided by Registered Clinical Psychotherapist Marryam Chehelnabi, who counsels couples over many months through longstanding challenges and the complexities, contradictions, joys, pains and the battle to stay in love. The series has been filmed in a purpose-built therapist's office, with no intrusive cameras or lights, so couples can be totally open and honest (read: no contrived Hollywood dramas, just real couples, real challenges and real advice).

Safety beats energy saving: The Düsseldorf state parliament will continue to be illuminated from the outside at night. Without the lamps, among other things, the surveillance cameras would not see too little, said a spokesman for the state parliament on Thursday. As part of the current energy -saving measures, Landtag President André Kuper had checked whether the state parliament could be darkened outside. The "Rheinische Post" had previously reported.

Wer zieht in den Düsseldorfer Landtag ein? © Picture Alliance/dpa Who moves into the Düsseldorf state parliament? In the meantime,

inside the state parliament in many areas is the light. According to the administration, session halls are no longer cooled as much as before. In addition, screens that are attached to the halls are also identified earlier. Further measures would be examined, the spokesman said on Thursday.

According to the "Rheinischer Post", the outdoor lighting of the Rhine tower could soon be switched off in the direct neighborhood of the state parliament. The municipal real estate subsidiary IDR as the owner is testing that. The colorful lights on the tower from which you can read the time should remain. In contrast to the beams around the tower, they are energy -saving LED lights. (dpa)

Spanish PM calls on nation to go tie-less .
Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Friday called on office workers to throw sartorial caution to the wind and ditch their ties amid scorching summer temperatures. In a move some might be surprised was even necessary given Spain's famously hot climate, Sanchez urged office workers to follow his own tie-free lead. "I would like you to see that I am not wearing a tie," said Sanchez, smiling broadly, pointing to his open neck shirt during a news conference in Madrid.Feeling a little more comfortable would save energy if it resulted in less air conditioning being used, he said.

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