Offbeat: These types of ice cream from Häagen-Dazs call the manufacturer back

Ice cream trucks aren't a thing of the past — but competition is stiff

  Ice cream trucks aren't a thing of the past — but competition is stiff Ice cream trucks are changing their strategies as they struggle for sales in a much more crowded marketplace, especially with third-party delivery services."The challenge for ice cream trucks and vans is kind of multiple fold," Steve Christensen, the executive director of the North American Ice Cream Association, told FOX Business.

Hamburg. The manufacturer of Häagen-Dazs called back several types of ice cream in July. The reason: possible residues of a carcinogenic fabric. Now the US company is calling for further types of ice cream. Which products are affected.

 Der Hersteller General Mills musste jetzt weitere Häagen-Dazs Eissorten zurückrufen. © Sven Hoppe The manufacturer General Mills now had to recall other Häagen-Daz's types of ice cream.

The manufacturer General Mills had called back products from Häagen-Dazs with the flavor "Vanilla" in July. The manufacturer informed about the reasons on the Häagen-Dazs website. It cannot be ruled out that there are residues of ethylene oxide in the products. The traces of the fabric are due to the vanilla extract, which is provided by a supplier. According to the NRW Consumer Center, Ethylen oxide can generate cancer. The following three products with the best-before date up to and including 21.05.2023 were called back on the website

Summer recipe: Aperol spray ice cream on stem

 Summer recipe: Aperol spray ice cream on stem summer time is aperol spray time. And our favorite summer drink from Bella Italia is now available as an ice cream on the stem. We need to try this! © ISTOCKPHOTO Summer recipe: Aperol spray ice cream on the stem iStockphoto The temperatures rise, the sun burns on the skin and all people are pulling outside. It is summer! So high time for a round aperol spray with friends. For a change, we do without the glass. We give the ultimate summer drink a special twist - and a new state of aggregation.


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vanilla 460mlvanilla 95mlClassic Collection 4х- $ ml (380ml) Recall of other types of ice cream

The manufacturer General Mills has now recalled further ice cream. This is reported by the website product in an update

. There could be residues of 2-chlorine tanol in these products. It is a degradation product of ethylene oxide. Vom Rückruf betroffen sind laut dem Update folgende Artikel mit dem Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum 16.03.2023 bis 20.04.2023: Belgian Chocolate 460mlBelgian Chocolate 95mlMacadamia Nut Brittle 460mlMacadamia Nut Brittle 95mlCookies & Cream 460mlCookies & Cream 95mlVanilla Caramel Brownie 460mlVanilla Caramel Brownie 95mlPralines & Cream 460mlDuo Belgian Chocolate & Strawberry 420mlduo Vanilla Brownie & Raspberry 420mlduo Vanilla Hazelnut & Caramel 420ml Consumers who bought a affected pack of Häagen-Dazs can bring them back to the trade. The sales price will be reimbursed there. Other Häagen-Dazs products can be consumed without hesitation. This is in a market from the manufacturer, which can be viewed in a message on the

Sunscreen and ice cream sales soar for heatwave

  Sunscreen and ice cream sales soar for heatwave Millions of pounds more will be spent on fans, paddling pools and water bottles, research suggests.Sun care sales were up 66% and ice cream 14% in the four weeks to 10 July, research firm Kantar said.


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