Offbeat: Madagascar: The Miangaly Théâtre company presents its new play "La Ferme" to the public

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La compagnie Miangaly Théâtre présente sa nouvelle pièce, «La ferme», à l'Institut français de Madagascar, à Antananarivo, samedi 3 septembre 2022. © Laetitia Bezain/RFI The Miangaly Compagnie Théâtre presents its new play, "La Ferme", at the French Institute of Madagascar, in Antananarivo, Saturday September 3, 2022.

in Madagascar, the Miangaly Théâtre company is on stage with its new creation La Ferme, a work that takes a fine, incisive and sensitive look at the contemporary realities of life on the big island. The artists of this company are making their first, this Saturday on the stage of the French Institute of Madagascar, in Antananarivo, where they have been in residence, since the start of the week.

With our correspondent in Antananarivo, Laetitia Bezain

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on stage, six actors from the company sing, declare and carry the voices of those little or not heard, ignored by society. A dive into the words of Bini Josoa and Gad Bensalem, authors of this room. The latter is also found on the boards.

“It comes from a desire to talk about contemporary Madagascar and more broadly the world in which we live. "The farm", as a piece, talks in particular about the notion of fear: the fear of projecting itself, fear perhaps also to consider hope. Fear of whom, what? Who is afraid ? These are questions around this theme. In the way of pronouncing these two words - the farm - we can consider possible senses in this room, ”explains Gad Bensalem.

This work, a fruit of almost a year of work, has received artistic support from the National Dramatic Center of the Indian Ocean.

Madagascar police shoot 18 dead in albino kidnap protest: Medic

  Madagascar police shoot 18 dead in albino kidnap protest: Medic Since 2020, there have been over a dozen abductions, attacks and murders of people with albinism in Madagascar: UN.Dozens were also wounded in the incident on Monday.

“This project was first born from the desire to find yourself on the set together, some by taking the author's role, some by playing on stage, etc. The device itself also allows you to get out of its comfort zone, inside the company. There have been some who have not been on stage for a long time but who were on the other side, as directors. This device, a little experimental, that we initiated allows you to try something else and it is very important to say that we can afford to do that, ”continues Gad Bensalem.

"We have partners who support us and that allows us to take the time, to work in depth and not to have this emergency and it is incredible for artists in Madagascar", adds, for its part, Fela Razafiarison, Staging the farm.

This piece also aims to go and meet an audience that does not always have access to the performance halls.

“In the process, from the start, we first plan to shoot in Madagascar and therefore it is a reality where scenes and theater rooms do not always exist. This means that in the text and staging orientations, it is something that will be much in public space, outdoors, etc. It is therefore a scenic device designed to be able to dismantle and go up in any place, which is not necessarily going to do a dam between the stage and the public. It was a text that spoke to me a lot, which carried me physically. So I told myself that it had to be also physically worn on the set. The play speaks of fear but the counterpart is also courage and what happens to those who are animated by a certain courage sometimes? "Indicates Fela Razafiarison.

Outdoor performances will start on September 10 at the Kolomahaolo cultural space, on the outskirts of the capital.

The farm, by Bini Josoa and Gad Bensalem, staging of Fela Razafiarison, with the actor (ne) s haja ravison, Nathalie Rason, Hoby Rajoelison, Christiane Ramanantoa and Imanga Mandimby.

Saturday September 3, 2022, at 3 p.m., in the performance hall of the French Institute of Madagascar. Price: 5000 Ariary

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