Offbeat: who won the third edition of the Cyril Féraud champions quiz on France 2?

DFB star hopes for UEFA Award

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Qui a gagné la troisième édition du Quiz des Champions de Cyril Féraud sur France 2 ? © screenshot France 2 which won the third edition of the Cyril Féraud Champions Quiz on France 2? This Saturday evening, Cyril Féraud hosted a new event issue of the Champions Quiz. At the end of an evening (marked by a historic record!), Which candidate won the third edition?

Cyril Féraud is back with the quiz of champions ! Almost a year ago, the star host of the public service offered the very first issue of this version where ten emblematic candidates of French television games defy. After the exploits of Benjamin (3rd largest champion of Slam) in the first edition, then Francis (2nd largest winner of Slam ) During the second, the game returned this Saturday, September 3, with ten participants Well known to the program AFICIANADOS of the program.

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Your Browser DOES NOT Support This Video The first round opened on a reactivity test in four questions called "the fastest". For her third participation,

Sandrine , usually in difficulty on this stage, managed to qualify easily. Likewise for Bruno , who took his first steps in another TV game! The n ° 1 of the 12 shots of Midi has proven its effectiveness. But unfortunately, Isabelle and Julien de everyone wants to take their place (respectively, 1 point and 3 points), they did not shine in this test and were eliminated.

The next round was articulated around a specific theme on which players had to give as many good answers in thirty seconds.

Timothy , an essential face of the 12 midday strokes, was particularly stunning. The farmer by profession even made a record by quoting 32 responses on the theme "City which welcomed the Winter and Summer Olympic Games" (Cyril Féraud fell on the ground!). Paul is not to be outdone, by appointing 19 American presidents without much effort. and the winner is ...

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once again very efficient at the end of the "sabotage", Timothée, came out with 13 points (thanks to questions relating to the

Titeuf comic strip and Gaul ) and was automatically qualified for the final. His three other comrades still in the running took part in the "best time". A part that is played in 15 points and where Francis won. The member of the big heads and Hervé of questions for a champions did not pass this tour. Thus, at the end of a face-to-face final, led by the Slam champion, it was Francis (6 correct answers against 3 for Timothy) who won the trophy. He becomes the only candidate to have won the Quiz des Champions twice.

Cyril Féraud will he replace Olivier Minne in Fort Boyard? He responds .
© Bestimage Cyril Féraud will he replace Olivier Minne in Fort Boyard? He responds to guest of the program on rebuilding TV, on RTL on Saturday September 10, Cyril Feraud responded to rumors, saying that he would like to oust Olivier Minne de Fort Boyard to take his place. "He is one of my friends," he said.

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