Offbeat: "Imperialist practices", Egyptian archaeologists demand the return of ancient treasures

Egypt dims lights to boost foreign reserves

  Egypt dims lights to boost foreign reserves An economic crisis spurred by the Ukraine war is casting darkness upon Egypt's streets, as the government dims lights to free up energy for export and bolster hard currency reserves. Among the measures to conserve energy were "reducing lighting in streets and public squares."Russia's invasion of Ukraine had an immediate impact on Egypt, the world's biggest wheat importer which has relied on the ex-Soviet states for over 80 percent of its grain.

L'ancien ministre égyptien des antiquités milite actuellement pour que des trésors de l'époque, actuellement exposés en Europe, soient restitués à l'Égypte dans les plus brefs délais. Plusieurs archéologues veulent notamment récupérer la pierre de Rosette qui a permis de déchiffrer les hiéroglyphes. © Amir Makar / AFP The former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities is currently campaigning so that treasures of the time, currently exposed in Europe, be returned to Egypt as soon as possible. Several archaeologists want in particular to recover the rosette stone which has made it possible to decipher the hieroglyphs.

Rosette stone flows happy days at British Museum but Egyptian archaeologists rumble. The latter want to recover this Treasure of The Egyptian Antiquity which allowed us to decipher the hieroglyphs. An campaign is currently in preparation in Cairo, led by the former Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass.

Trans Harvard student, 32, dies of 'bodily failures' in Bali police custody during honeymoon

  Trans Harvard student, 32, dies of 'bodily failures' in Bali police custody during honeymoon Rodrigo Ventosilla, 32, a Harvard graduate student and trans activist, was arrested for suspected cannabis possession while on his honeymoon in Bali, then died two days later due to 'failure of bodily functions.'According to authorities in Bali, Ventosilla fell ill two days after his arrest after ingesting medication that was not one of the items confiscated by police. He was rushed to the hospital after complaining of stomach pains, but died soon after on August 11. Ventosilla's family has since accused Bali authorities of 'police violence ...

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with 700 kilos on the scale, the rosette stone is also heavy with symbol for this archaeologist: "September 27 We will celebrate the 200 years of deciphering Rosette stone and the whole world will celebrate this anniversary. Let it be at the British Museum is enough! It must return to Egypt , it is an icon of our identity Egyptian and its place must be at the great Cairo museum, "he claims.

A petition launched at the end of October

The restitution of this stele would only be the first stone of the combat of Zahi Hawass. He also wishes the arrival, in the collections of the great Egyptian museum of Cairo, of the bust of Nefertiti , sitting in Berlin and the bas-relief of the Denderah zodiac, exhibited in the Louvre . Antiquities that have been stolen from Egypt according to him. "These are imperialist practices! I call it imperialism," he denounces.

A petition will be launched at the end of October. At that time, the group of archaeologists is expected to launch discussions with the three European museums. Coincidentally, this request comes when the great Egyptian museum in Cairo soon opens its doors and the Louvre has been affected for several months by an antiquity traffic scandal.

Russia’s Ukraine losses are Turkey’s gains .
With the Kremlin bogged down in war, Turkey is deftly expanding its influence — at Moscow’s cost.Yet it was evidence of more than Erdogan’s complex juggle between his support for Ukrainian sovereignty and his refusal to join sanctions against Russia. It was a pointer to opportunities that Turkey is eyeing to push the envelope in its ties with Russia, at a time when the Kremlin is bogged down in Ukraine.

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