Offbeat: snoring is said to go with an increased risk of cancer

Bondi Rescue star Terry McDermott sang with patient in hospital before dying from cancer weeks later

  Bondi Rescue star Terry McDermott sang with patient in hospital before dying from cancer weeks later Lifeguard Terry 'Tezz' McDermott was diagnosed with prostate cancer on Anzac Day 2020 before he died surrounded by family and friends on Thursday. In his final Instagram post, McDermott videoed himself in high spirits while sitting in the cancer ward waiting for his chemotherapy treatment at Prince of Wales Hospital.He explained he had befriended a fellow patient named David and that the pair had immediately hit it off. 'Dave and I have found the answer to Cancer and it's singing and laughing,' the post read.

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snoring people should have a higher risk of cancer. A study has shown that sleepy sleepers also develop blood clots with increasing age and lose their brain performance faster. Around 1.5 million British suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, with the body being removed from the body at night. The condition causes strong snoring, chokes or gasps at night, and the experts have warned that it must be diagnosed and treated to avoid damage to health. Dr. Andreas Palm from the University of Uppsala in Sweden announced: “Our results show that lack of oxygen due to obstructive sleep apnea is associated with cancer. In the past, it has not been clear whether this could be due to the sleep apnea itself or at related risk factors such as overweight, heart disease and lifestyle factors. ”Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing a person exposes for a short time during sleep. This leads to a drop in the oxygen content in the blood of the person and in some cases can lead to severe cell damage.

The gambling industry is a cancer deeply embedded in our political institutions .
Justice advocates have called on the Victorian government to urgently reform the state's parole laws, following the death of an Indigenous man in prison. 26-year-old Clinton Austin died at Loddon prison on Sunday. It is the second Aboriginal death in custody in just over a month.

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