Offbeat: He sells his apartment to acquire a violin at 3.5 million euros

with violin and guitar: residents make music for the Oder

 with violin and guitar: residents make music for the Oder Tim Klotz eagerly printed T-shirts with the logo "Save or the". The citizens' initiative of the same name organized this Sunday along the or a large musical chain. The idea of ​​the organizers: to make music from the source to the mouth for the protection of the river. Hundreds of residents of the Oder, conservationists and friends of the river brought violin, guitar, accordion, Conga - others their voices to sing for the restoration and renaturation of the river.

Le violoniste germano-américain, David Garrett va devoir vendre un appartement pour financer son nouveau violon. © Miguel Medina / AFP The German-American violinist, David Garrett will have to sell an apartment to finance his new violin.

Violinist David Garrett made a great birthday present. For his 42 years, he offered himself for 3.5 million euros, during an auction in Neuilly/Seine, a violin made in 1736 to Crémone by the luthier Bartolemeo Giuseppe Guarnerius dit " Gesù ». The instrument belonged to the musician Régis Pasquier and was proposed under the hammer of the Auction Auction House last June. So far, the buyer had not been revealed.

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if its heritage is estimated at 12 million euros, to offer this exceptional object the eccentric violinist will have to give up some of its properties, including a Apartment in New York. "It's true, I have to separate from some of my goods, but this violin is really worth it. I realized a dream of a lifetime by acquiring it, "he said. Exceptional Instruments Lover

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David Garrett is a child prodigy. From the age of four, he received his first violin lessons. Very quickly a student of the Lübeck Conservatory, the musician was received in the process at that of Berlin. At nine he already crowds the scene of the Kissinger Sommer festival and at ten years he gave his first official concerts.

Already in his young years the violinist plays on exceptional instruments. An

Stradivarius of 1718 loaned by a foundation when he is only thirteen years old or a Guarneri of 1734 entrusted by the Musée de Crémone in 2000. Confirming his attraction for rare, and dear instruments, the musician bought, he A decade ago, a 18th century Guadagnini.

David Garrett maintains a real passion for Guarneri instruments. This year, he created a website entirely dedicated to the violins of the Luthier de Crémona. Chronologically, the violinist lists all the productions between 1721 and 1744 as well as their owners. The latter can even integrate the "Club del Gesu" which meets every year for two days. The first edition was held on September 7 in Berlin. The opportunity for musicians to discuss the violins of the Italian luthier.

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