Offbeat: Monkey Variole: Open vaccination in Pharmacies

Vaccination Center Löbau now vaccinated against Omikron variant

 Vaccination Center Löbau now vaccinated against Omikron variant © provided by SZ-Sächsische Zeitung Vaccination Center Löbau now vaccinated against Omikron variant The Corona virus has lost a large part of its terror. Nevertheless: The currently prevailing omicron variant can be a threat to some people. In the vaccination center in the Löbauer Blumenhalle, vaccinating against this variant is now being vaccinated. The CORONA vaccines available so far protected inadequately from the omikron variant. Now adapted vaccines are available.

Variole du singe : la vaccination ouverte dans les pharmacies © Adobe Stock Monkey Variole: vaccination open in

pharmacies this Friday, a decree published in the Official Journal informs that vaccination against the variole of the monkey will be open to pharmacies . Questioned by the AFP, the Directorate General of Health (DGS) said that 25 French pharmacies had been designated to conduct vaccination.

“Considering that the contusion of the monkeypox virus goes through the diversification of the vaccination offer and through appropriate territorial coverage; It is advisable to open the Vaccination against this virus in pharmacies of pharmacies making this offer relevant and to allow the pharmacy preparers which are used there to administer the vaccine ”, here is the decree of September 22 last published in the Official Journal. Until then, vaccination against the variolate of the monkey was offered in dedicated centers, especially in hospitals.

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Variole of the monkey: 25 pharmacies will conduct vaccination

The decree of September 22 specifies, according to article 2, that: “ the director general of the regional health agency designates volunteer pharmacies that can propose the Vaccination against the MonkeyPox virus with regard to the following criteria:

present an interest in the cover of the territorial network of the vaccination offer; Present geographic proximity to the populations targeted by vaccination; Be able to support patients in the prevention of the Monkeypox virus and, more broadly, of sexual health; Be preferentially in geographic proximity to a pharmacy for interior use allowing supply to doses of thawed vaccines and in medical devices relating to this vaccination by such a pharmacy; Have a daily vaccination capacity making this offer relevant; Justify an effective and visible appointment for the greatest number of patients; Inform the doses administered in the tool made available to them. ”

Thus 25 pharmacies were designated to lead the vaccination against the variolate of the monkey.

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Monkeypox: 72 additional cases since September 15

according to the last point of situation in France (led by public health France): “ 3,970 confirmed cases of indigenous infections by the Monkeypox virus were identified in France , or 72 additional cases from the September 15 results. ” As a reminder, the variolate of the monkey is an viral infectious disease due to the Monkeypox virus. It is zoonosis (disease transmitted by animals). The main symptoms are:

fever greater than 38 ° C inflated and painful nodes; Muscle aches ; Fatigue ; Sore throat (swallowing pain); Extended skin rash (2 to 3 days after the appearance of the first symptoms); The lesions are initially macules, then papules, then vesicles, then pustules to finish with crusts.

The disease lasts between 2 to 4 weeks . On the other hand, the patient is contagious as soon as the first symptoms appear until the complete disappearance of crusts. In the event of a proven diagnosis, the sick person will therefore have to isolate himself for a period of 3 weeks from the first symptoms. Barrier gestures will also have to be scrupulously respected in order to avoid the transmission of the disease to other people in the household.

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