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Offbeat: egg throws and fights on Halloween

How you can save and protect animals

  How you can save and protect animals We share our planet with countless other species that need our help to stay safe and protected. From pets to wildlife, Earth's animals have been under threat for centuries due to human activities that negatively impact their survival and well-being. And as human populations and resources have grown, it's more crucial than ever to protect animals from neglect, cruelty, and extinction. Whether you're an animal person or not, there's no denying that they're crucial to our planet's survival. So, want to know how you can help save and protect animals? Then check out the following gallery.

Burning garbage containers and egg throws on police officers instead of exuberant Halloween parties: In several regions of Germany, there were rioting on Monday evening.

Nicht überall blieb es an Halloween in Deutschland friedlich. © Friso Gentsch/dpa not everywhere there was peaceful on Halloween in Germany. According to the police,

in Hamburg, especially in the districts of Harburg and Wilhelmsburg, gathered unannounced. When trying to dissolve these meetings, stones, firecrackers, bottles and eggs from the crowd were thrown onto the police officers. Celebrations got out of hand in other regions.

in North Rhine -Westphalia were also attacked in Lünen (Unna district) - first with eggs, then with stones, bottles and pyrotechnics. According to initial knowledge, several small groups were involved in the actions. Individual participants have already been identified. A total of three patrol cars were probably damaged, the police were unharmed.

The Halloween Scare That Won’t Go Away

  The Halloween Scare That Won’t Go Away For 40 years, Joel Best has tried to debunk the unfounded fear that bad actors might tamper with children’s trick-or-treat stashes.[Read: You must respect candy corn]

In Baden-Württemberg, around 20 young people in Friedrichshafen drove particularly badly. According to the police, they molested residents with noise, egg throws and fire. When officials arrived, they were also thrown at eggs and stones, and a mattress and a garbage can were also infected, it said in an operational report. The partially hooded young people fled in different directions.

Ruthlessness and Schaden joy

"a lot to do", a police spokesman in the Rhineland-Palatinate capital Mainz summarized the situation. According to their own information, the officials were called several times because Halloween celebrations in fights out of restaurants. But nobody was injured. In addition, houses and cars were thrown at eggs and firecrackers were shot down.

South Korea in national mourning after deadly Halloween stampede

  South Korea in national mourning after deadly Halloween stampede Families search for missing loved ones after stampede in Seoul’s Itaewon kills 151 people, including 19 foreigners.“This is truly tragic,” Yoon said in a statement on Sunday, hours after some 151 people were killed in a crowd crush in Seoul’s Itaewon district.

In other cities in the southwest, there were damage caused by eggs. Some “monsters” would not have drawn attention to themselves through costumes, but “special ruthlessness and malicious joy”, the police said there.

in Hamburg, however, emphasized a police spokesman: «You really have to state that the outstanding majority of children and adolescents have moved peacefully through the streets. That is also part of the truth. » In the past few years, however, riot makers Halloween have also discovered.

an unsightly experience with a scary factor had a woman in Gelsenkirchen: while she celebrated at a Halloween party, a 13-year-old broke into her house. According to the police, a neighbor had heard a clink on the terrace. When the resident arrived at home with two companions, she discovered the struggled terrace door and heard noise from the upper floor. In the bedroom, the woman found the 13-year-old hidden under the bed. The police handed over to the young people to the care of the youth welfare office.

For Halloween, Doja Cat has disguised itself as a character from Animal Crossing, and it's adorable! .
© supplied by MadmoiZelle Doja Cat has disguised itself as a character from Animal Crossing for Halloween for Halloween 2022, Doja Cat has disguised as a villager of the animal crossing video game of which it is a fan. But in a large avant-garde fashion icon that she is, the singer played her latex version. If Heidi Klum is the Halloween queen and impressive physical transformations for decades, Doja Cat may well be the princess.

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