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Offbeat: animal shelters in not

Animal rescuers who neglected multiple animals 'bit off more than they could chew'

  Animal rescuers who neglected multiple animals 'bit off more than they could chew' The directors of a South Australian animal rescue shelter who "bit off more than they could chew" when they neglected six animals have been fined more than $6,500. South Australian Humane Animal Rescue Association (SAHARA) director Carole Louise Morris, 59, pleaded guilty to 5 charges relating to the neglect of a pug called Sim, a possum and three horses — Winky, Ashley and Eileen — in late 2019.Her partner, a 52-year-old man – also a director at SAHARA — admitted one count of animal cruelty in relation to a Maltese-cross called Mike, which had to be euthanised because of his "crippling anxiety".

Federal Minister of Agriculture Cem Özdemir called up potential buyers of pets against the background of the precarious location of the animal shelters. "You should think a bit before a decision and check whether you have the necessary time, space and change for the animal," said the Green politician on Saturday when visiting the largest Baden-Württemberg shelter in 10,000 square meters on Saturday Stuttgart. He added: "Animals are not Christmas presents either."

Zwei Schäferhunde blicken im Tierheim Böblingen aus ihrem Zwinger. © Christoph Schmidt/dpa Two shepherd dogs look out of their kennel in the Böblingen animal shelter.

The German Tierschutzbund fears the closure of every fourth animal shelter nationwide due to a cost avalanche and demands more commitment from the federal and municipalities. The increasing costs of energy, food, medical treatment and personnel threatened the homes in their existence, emphasized the president of the association, Thomas Schröder. 380 million euros would be needed to reduce the investment backlog in the homes and help them through the winter. Schröder, in whose association 540 member homes are organized, is otherwise afraid of a closure from every fourth animal shelter.

38 not-so-flattering photos of the Royal Family

  38 not-so-flattering photos of the Royal Family The British Royal Family is basically for show nowadays, so whenever they’re looking silly, it’s a moment to cherish. Here are 38 hilarious and absurd photos of the Royals caught in compromising positions.

reptile flood in animal shelters

Özdemir promised to tackle problems that had been ignored for a long time. He handed over an amount of 7,500 euros from the five million euro aid fund for animals that were given by Ukrainian refugees. A Foundation of the Confederation for promoting animal shelters is also being examined, said Özdemir. To demand Schröder to prohibit internet trade in animals, the ministry contacted the corresponding sales platforms. Schröder would be too little.

More speed warned Schröder on a positive list for the animal species, which can be kept in private hands at all. In view of difficult definition issues, the ministry wants to achieve a regulation through the EU. According to Schröder's conviction, in view of a reptile flood in the homes, rapid action is already offered at the national level. "In Germany I can keep a six -meter -long snake in the front yard," he criticized.

Northern Territory tradesman snaps photo with giant crocodile near Gunbalanya .
Kane Marcus had been driving on his way to work when he spotted the crocodile along the side of the road near Gunbalanya, in the Northern Territory, last Tuesday. Marcus stepped out of his small truck to take a photo with the dangerous animal standing just metres away from him.

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