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Offbeat: fewer and fewer standard vaccinations in Saxony: Plus in other

First investor for liquid gas in Wilhelmshaven finished

 First investor for liquid gas in Wilhelmshaven finished The first investor for liquid gas (LNG) in Germany has been completed and opened on Tuesday. In around a month, a loaded specialship, a so-called floating memory and regasification system (FSRU), is to create at the landing site. © Sina Schuldt/dpa The first German LNG terminals in Wilhelmshaven are about to start the company. This emerges from a message from Lower Saxony Ports published on Tuesday, a port operator owned by the country. Lower Saxony Ports had the investor built.

, interest in many standard vaccinations against diseases has decreased steadily in recent years. As can be seen from the response from the Ministry of Social Affairs to a request from the left-wing parliamentarians Susanne Schaper, they declined by around 17 to 19 percent each from 2017 to 2021 against tetanus, diphteria, children's paralysis, rotaviruses or whooping cough. When vaccination against Haemophilus Influenza Type B, which in particular is supposed to protect children from severe meningitis in the first five years of life, it is even a third.

Ein Laborant arbeitet in einem Labor für Corona-Tests. © Uwe Anspach/dpa/Symbol image A laboratoryist works in a laboratory for corona tests.

was the strongest decline in hepatitis B - from 194,954 to 126,338 and thus by a good 35 percent. Vaccinations against rotaviruses and paralysis of children were also almost 17 percent and 18 percent below the level of 2017. Compared to 2017 with 114,160.

delicious and cheap: Saxony's special soups wanted

 delicious and cheap: Saxony's special soups wanted sä is looking for delicious and cheap soups from Saxony. The best recipes are cooked by Eventkoch René Gumnior. © Symbolbild/ The editorial team of Sä is looking for delicious soup recipes for little money. © Symbolbild/ When it gets dark out early and shaking cold autumn storms by the window, a soup warms stomach and soul.

Schaper sees the sunken interest in certain vaccinations with concern. "We have the chance to protect ourselves safely from a number of infectious diseases by using the existing vaccines," she also says with reference that smallpox has been eradicated by vaccination. "I can only appeal to the population to perceive the opportunity to vaccinate for themselves and their children." In view of the demand for advice and vaccinations, Schaper is calling for the public health service to be expanded. "Prevention takes time, staff and resources!"

According to the result of an analysis of the health insurance DAK, the vaccinations in children and adolescents have decreased significantly in Corona pandemic. Compared to 2019, there were around 47,000 girls and boys or 14 percent less. According to the information, the number of first vaccinations against humane papilloma viruses for cancer screening fell by 40 percent. With the share of vaccinated children, Saxony is still great nationwide.

For DAK state chief Christine Enenkel, the decline is a "warning signal" in front of the consequences of the vaccination. "We have to prevent young people from suddenly at risk from diseases that were considered almost exterminated." In addition to the proportion of vaccinated children and adolescents, the number of visits to the doctor, in which provision and advice take place, also decreased by 16 percent. For the report, billing data of around 19,000 children and adolescents up to 17 years of age from 2019 to 2021 were analyzed.

hospitals: Corona hardly relevant in intensive care units. In the meantime, the proportion of corona patients in the intensive care units are less than five percent, said the President of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Court and E.
© provided by Berliner Zeitung currently there is a plateau of around 900 covid patients. A year ago there were a good 5000 seriously ill, said Marx, who is also director of the Clinic for Intensive Care Medicine and Intermediate Care at the University Hospital Aachen. "However, these are usually older, ie 70 to 80-year-old patients." The capacities among the ventilation devices are far from exhausted.

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