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Offbeat: TV Dream team: "Terra X" moderator Dirk Steffens takes over new RTL quiz show

Rudi Cerne: His daughter

 Rudi Cerne: His daughter © Imago Images / Future Image Rudi Cerne and his daughter Elisabeth Rudi Cerne we know from "Aktenichen XY" to an event in 2019 his daughter accompanied him. Elisabeth Cerne The German sports journalist , Moderator and former figure skaters Rudi Cerne (64) not only brings his wife to events, but also his pretty daughter Elisabeth. In 2019, accompanied by Elisabeth, the moderator was awarded the 54th Golden Camera. There she shone in a long white dress for the photographers.

TV Dream team with Sonja Zietlow: "Terra X" moderator Dirk Steffens takes over new RTL quiz show

after his farewell to "Terra X “Dirk Steffens works with RTL on a new quiz show. In it, prominent participants are sent through the world on a journey of discovery. Sonja Zietlow will moderate the format.

Cologne - Anyone who regularly switches on at "Terra X" knows: Dirk Steffens (55) takes their job very seriously and is not afraid of a long journey and no challenge. Regardless of whether it was cave research, natural phenomena or botany - for the iconic format it has often turned across the world, a wide variety of countries and the most colorful cultures. After many years at the ZDF, the journalist now breaks down to new shores and takes his expertise to competitor RTL.

1Live Krone: Lola Weippert shocked by drug use

 1Live Krone: Lola Weippert shocked by drug use The stars of the German music scene frolicked on the red carpet on Thursday evening (December 8, 2022). Moderator Lola Weippert also celebrated vigorously after a two-year crown break. But then she showed herself shocked by the celebration night! © Imago/EventPress moderator Lola Weippert on the red carpet at the awarding of the 1Live Krone on Thursday evening (December 8, 2022) in Bochum. The next morning she was shocked.

New Show with Sonja Zietlow: "Terra X" moderator Dirk Steffens changes to RTL

Lange was Dirk Steffens an integral part of the ZDF family and contributed a lot to the broad success of the broadcaster with headquarters in Mainz. Since he was in front of the camera for the first time on June 5, 2011 for the exciting knowledge trips from "Terra X", he invited inquisitive spectators to countless adventures around the world and was awarded the golden camera in 2011. For many ZDF viewers, his farewell should be the end of an era-however, the moderator is far from returning his back.

  TV-Dreamteam: „Terra X“-Moderator Dirk Steffens übernimmt mit Sonja Zietlow neue RTL-Quizshow © provided by tz photo © picture alliance/dpa | Rolf Vennenbernd; Imago/Lumma Photo (photo montage)

"In 55 questions about the world-the big geo-show" is the name of the new format, where Dirk Steffens is currently working hard with RTL. And although he changed the broadcaster, one thing is still the top priority: discovering the earth. On the side of "Jungle Camp" legend Sonja Zietlow (54), he deals with burning questions from all over the world in the quiz show, after all, the following applies: You never learn. “How do you get seeds from the tree top of a 30 meter high tree? How do you spend a whole night deep in the innermost of the earth? And how do you feel poachers? ”RTL presents the program in a press release.

Temption ISLAND V.I.P. 2022: Are Sandra & Tommy a few more?

 Temption ISLAND V.I.P. 2022: Are Sandra & Tommy a few more? Sandra and Tommy should have been a safe bank on "Tempation Island v.i.p. 2022". But they are not. Is the tears still together? © RTL / Frank J. Fastner Temption ISLAND V.I.P. 2022 Tommy and Sandra The third season "Tempation Island v.i.p. 2022" is full of surprises - including the question of whether Sandra & Tommy are still a couple.

stars on a journey of discovery: New RTL quiz show with Dirk Steffens and Sonja Zietlow

Sonja Zietlow and Dirk Steffens are already giving a fairly furious duo, but they also get further well-known support with their "55 questions". Five celebrities are supposed to travel across the world for the new format, immerse yourself in foreign countries and cultures, and are extremely experienced, as RTL already revealed before the planned start of 2023. After their return, sweating is the order of the day, because in front of the cheering studio audience it is important to answer questions about the various travel destinations and ultimately ask Quizmaster Dirk.

"The new show combines an exciting quiz with powerful missions of the celebrities", RTL describes the multifaceted concept of the show. "They bring the audience closer to foreign cultures, fascinating animal worlds and the breathtaking nature of the world and at the same time create a awareness of climate and species protection." Sounds as if "Terra X" fans continue to come to Dirk Steffens ZDF subscription Alpine television discovery trips. There will also be changes in the TV competition in the near future-because VOX releases its transmitter voice after almost 30 years. Sources used: RTL,

Boris Becker speaks in "worldwide only interview" about his time in prison .
Boris Becker speaks in "worldwide only interview" about his time in prison a few days after his deportation, Boris Becker presents himself in front of the cameras. In an exclusive television interview, he talks about his time in prison. Munich - In the middle of last week, the German tennis legend Boris Becker was released from custody prematurely. The Leimener had been sentenced to prison at the end of April after not properly specified parts of his assets in his bankruptcy proceedings.

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