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Offbeat: With this simply alarm clock you sleep better!

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 dry bread and air mattress: dry bread and air mattress: "Celebrity Big Brother" star Jörg reveals how hard life on the set really is at "Celebrity Big Brother" is usually quite chaotic. Disputes and conflicts are inevitable in the reality hit. According to comedian Jörg Knör, there are also rather uncomfortable conditions behind the scenes. Cologne - Ten years of great entertainment and delicious drama.

More and more people are complaining about problems sleeping or sleeping. With this simple trick you can now sleep better.

Frau schläft auf dem Bauch © Freshsplash/iStock woman sleeps on the belly

The sleep is an essential phase of calm and regeneration for the body. Both too low sleep duration and poor sleep quality reduce performance and gnaw on the psyche. According to the DAK health report , the occurrence of sleep disorders has increased by 66 percent in professionals from 35 to 65 years. One reason for this is constant employment until shortly before falling asleep. "The body takes time to switch off after a stressful day and adjust to sleep. We have to treat him to this time", so Ingo Fitze from the Berlin Charité. The alarm clock trick can help. And it is super easy to implement.

Sunrise producer reveals her drastic work routine

  Sunrise producer reveals her drastic work routine Sunrise producer Isla Stanich has shared her drastic before and after work routine. In a video shared to the Channel Seven breakfast show's TikTok page, Isla revealed her day starts at 1.45am.'This is when I hype myself up, and start getting ready,' she said after her morning alarm went off. © Provided by Daily Mail Sunrise producer Isla Stanich revealed her drastic work routine including waking up at 1.45am and going to sleep by 3.30pm Isla then brushes her teeth, gets dressed and has breakfast before heading to work.'It's 2.10am so it's time to drive to work.

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bargain alarm: Now secure hammer deals of the day at Amazon! away with the alarm clock! Probably everyone knows: R this situation: We exhibit our alarm clock before sleeping and without really thinking about it, we expect exactly how many hours and minutes of relaxing sleep are still in. If we don't fall asleep immediately, we often look at the clock again and again. A vicious circle begins: During the clock hand, the number in our head is becoming smaller and smaller. This is exactly where the crux is. Because if we keep calculating, we stress ourselves and

prevent our body from coming to rest

. This stress makes it even more difficult to finally fall asleep. Specialist for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy as well as head of the sleep outpatient clinic in the Nuremberg Clinic, Prof. Dr. Kneginja Richter, recommendation compared to the '

Sleep spray: Never count sheep again!?

 Sleep spray: Never count sheep again!? At first many thought that it was an April joke, but this sleep spray really exists. Scientists have invented it and now collect money in a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo . There seem to be some nights schools who finally want to sleep earlier. So far, over $ 300,000 has been collected for the spray, just totally crazy. Sure, many people suffer from insomnia-in 2013, according to a study by the Robert Koch Institute, 25% of the population suffered from sleep disorders.


': "Place the alarm clock so that you cannot see the time." This tip naturally also applies to the cell phone if it is used as an alarm clock. The goal is to take the opportunity to look at the clock again and again if it does not work immediately and thus break the vicious circle and break through stress. Nevertheless:

with persistent problems with sleep, a doctor should definitely be consulted

to make up causes and treat them specifically.

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