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Offbeat: Wolfgang Grupp encounters the "Love of his life" in the office - Clip goes online Viral

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Wolfgang Grupp encounters the "Love of his life" in the office - clip goes on the net Viral

It is only a short time - and yet it touches many people On the net: A video is currently viral on the Tikok channel from Trigema, which entrepreneur Wolfgang Grupp shows in an emotional moment with his wife.

Burladingen - The textile company Trigema from Burladingen (Zollernalbkreis) has been represented on Tiktok for several months. With short, entertaining video clips, the company tries to address a young target group - and quickly landed a first viral hit. Now the traditional Swabian company again ensures conversation on the net. Managing Director Wolfgang Grupp shows a current video in a highly emotional moment with his wife Elisabeth, as BW24 reports.

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Wolfgang Grupp auf TikTok © TIKTOK/Trigema Wolfgang Grupp on Tiktok Photo © TikTok/Trigema

Although the clip only takes twelve seconds, the emotions of the Trigema boss speak for themselves. The title: "When you see the love of your life" - in German: "When you see the love of your life". Apparently an employee Grupp films at his desk, while his wife approaches him. Grupp looks up, registered his wife - and instantly shines all over the face.

Wolfgang Grupp: Video on Tikkok stirs users - "This is still true love"

after a short time, the touching clip on Tiktok reached numerous people. With more than 241,900 clicks (as of December 15, 11:23 a.m.) it is the most successful video on the Trigema Canal three days after the upload. The users' reactions in the comment column speak for themselves. "How he is happy to see them", "This is still true love", "the look says" or "the most cute what I saw here today," it says. "You can see how his heart rises as soon as he sees his wife - so beautiful!"

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Wolfgang and Elisabeth Grupp: Despite the high age difference, the spouses are also inseparable

if group was already 43 years old when I got to know his wife and they only seemed to be clear to the two: they fit together perfectly. Around three years after they met for the first time, the wedding in Burladingen (1988) followed, a short time later the two children Bonita (*1989) and Wolfgang Junior (*1991).

While the trigema chief often consciously seeks the public, his wife is more in the background. However, one should not underestimate her role in the company: For almost three decades, she has been leading the 42 test transactions of Trigema in Germany, which have arisen on her initiative. In a TV interview with the SWR Landeschau, Elisabeth Grupp, who otherwise rarely occurs in the media, spoke about her marriage and the unusual marriage proposal by her husband Wolfgang. With their 24 years of age difference, the group show that with true love it does not matter to external factors and are probably for many people the proof that there are still relationships in today's fast -moving times that are constant and reliable.

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