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Sport: Gold Prize: Stagnation At 1,800 Dollars

Auction: More than $ 100,000 for a Zidane jersey for France-Brazil 98

 Auction: More than $ 100,000 for a Zidane jersey for France-Brazil 98 The jersey can be authentic, FIFA does not know whether it was worn during the legendary final of July 12, 1998 © Mary Evans / Allstar / Richard Sellers ZINEDINE ZIDANE Raising the Football World Cup, at the Stade de France on July 12, 1998. Cult - The jersey can be authentic, FIFA does not know if it was worn during The legendary final of July 12, 1998 for fans of the Football France Team , on July 12, 1998 is one day with a particular, unforgettable flavor.

The gold price is currently no major jumps, but has slightly undercut the $ 1,800 dollars in early Tuesday trading.

YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/Getty Images © Provided by Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP / Getty Images

by Jörg Bernhard

Before the Tomorrowy Fed meeting, a waiting attitude seems under the investors. Easily dispensing interest in the week's largest gold-ETF SPDR Gold Shares was observed for the week's largest gold ETF. Its held gold quantity reduced from 1,027,38 to 1,025.64 tonnes and thus marked the lowest level since mid-May. New pulses up could receive the yellow precious metal if the Statements of the Fed should be "doubled" as expected for future monetary policy. The Fedwatch tool of the Deadman's Exchange Developer CME Group shows only a probability of more than 50 percent for the meeting in December that we will then see higher interest rates than today. In Europe, the first interest adjustments should most likely occur later.

Gold Prize: Differed Crisis Protection

 Gold Prize: Differed Crisis Protection Sinking US yields and stock prices have helped the crisis protection gold to significant tailwind. © Provided by Thomas Lohres / Getty Images by Jörg Bernhard Such, for example, the returns of ten-year US government bonds slipped below 1.20 percent and marked the deepest level for five months. Low returns are generally considered to be beneficial for gold due to the lower opportunity cost (interest rate).

On Tuesday morning, the Gold Prize presented itself with renowned quotations. Until 7.25 (Mesz), the most active futures traded on gold (August) by 3.40 to $ 1,795.80 dollars per ounce.

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Crude: Waiting for the API-week report

Despite rising corona new infections, the actors on the oil markets do not expect a comeback Strentier Lockdown. The travel activities are currently leaving a robust impression. Now the investors are waiting for the weekly report of the American Petroleum Institute, whose publication is scheduled for 22.30 and could significantly influence the tendency for tomorrow's trading day. According to a survey published by Trading Economics under analysts, a decline in the deposited oil quantities is expected by 3.4 million barrels.

On Tuesday morning, the oil price presented itself with slightly recovered quotations. Until 7.10 (CEST), the next WTI futures completed by $ 0.26 to $ 72.17, while his counterpart at Brent took on 0.29 to $ 73.99.


Gold Prize: Strawfire after ADP Labor Market Report .
Disappointing figures from the US labor market jumped the gold price for a short time via the $ 1,820 dollars. © Provided by Peter Bischoff / Getty Images by Jörg Bernhard With 330,000 newly created sites, the expectations of the analysts of 695,000 were clearly missed. After the return of ten-year US government bonds but shortly after this negative surprise had made a strong sentence upwards, the yellow noble metal was also under pressure in the waters of a strong dollar.

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