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Sport: Gold Prize: Strawfire after ADP Labor Market Report

Stable development at the Labor Market

 Stable development at the Labor Market The German labor market remains stable. The labor market barometer of the Nuremberg Institute for labor market and professional research loses only a minimum of 0.1 points in July compared to the previous month and comes to 107.1 points, as the institute announced. © Daniel Karmann / DPA The Institute for Labor Market and Professional Research is a special service of the Federal Employment Agency.

Disappointing figures from the US labor market jumped the gold price for a short time via the $ 1,820 dollars.

Peter Bischoff/Getty Images © Provided by Peter Bischoff / Getty Images

by Jörg Bernhard

With 330,000 newly created sites, the expectations of the analysts of 695,000 were clearly missed. After the return of ten-year US government bonds but shortly after this negative surprise had made a strong sentence upwards, the yellow noble metal was also under pressure in the waters of a strong dollar. In the afternoon, the actors at the gold markets are likely to look forward towards US labor markets. At 1.30 pm, the Challenger Report on job deletions on the agenda, then at 2.30 pm, as usual, the weekly initials on US unemployed assistance will cause increased attention. According to a survey published by Trading Economics under analysts, the number of new unemployed persons compared to the previous week should have reduced from 400,000 to 384,000.

Powerball Drawing For 07/31/21, Saturday Jackpot is $199 Million

  Powerball Drawing For 07/31/21, Saturday Jackpot is $199 Million Saturday night's 07/31/21 Powerball jackpot is estimated at $199 million, with a cash option worth $144.0 million. The jackpot could increase if sales further lottery projections, according to officials. Here are the winning numbers from last Wednesday night's drawing: First Five: 25-30-53-59-60 Powerball: 05 Power Play: 3x The Wednesday 07/28/21 Powerball jackpot was $186 million. There was no grand prize winner, nor was there a ticket sold that matched all five white balls, and minus the red Powerball, for the game's second-prize of $1 million.

On Thursday morning, the Gold Prize presented itself with held quotations. Untiating 7.55 (Mesz) reduced the most active futures on Gold (December) by 2.80 to $ 1,811.70 per ounce.

Crude: Experiment of a Soil Education

The unexpected bearing plus reported on yesterday by the US energy authority EIA reported by 3.6 million barrels in crude oil did not bring its price under pressure. On the one hand, because the stored gasoline levels with 5.3 million have reduced significantly more than expected and, on the other, because growing geopolitical tensions in the near and middle east have made the prospects for easing the restrictions against Iran. The recovery end of the oil price was fought but also by the forecast of a particularly stormy hurricane season with three to five strong hurricanes.

On Thursday morning, the oil price presented with higher quotations. Until 7.55 (CEST), the next WTI futures died by 0.07 to $ 68.22, while his counterpart at Brent took on 0.03 to $ 70.41.


Gold Price: That's why Gold Investors should continue to be very careful after the Flash Crash .
Surprisingly strong US labor market data, the gold price within just two trading days to temporarily break around $ 100. And the current market environment should continue to vote in investors. © Provided by Peter Bischoff / Getty Images • US labor market better than expected • Gold price breaks an • Bad environment for Gold The Gold Prize experienced a true flash crash: for the first time for more than four months The price of a fine nune gold (around 31.1 grams) under the $ 1,700

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