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Sport: Mighty US Consultant shoots against NBA Team

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Marvin Bagley's chances at Sacramento Kings are not very good. Nevertheless, the franchise makes you do not pull the Big, all the trouble of his prominent consultant.

Mächtiger US-Berater schießt gegen NBA-Team © Provided by Mighty US consultant shoots NBA-Team

Jeff Schwartz is one of the most successful agents in the NBA.

The 57-year-old represents numerous top players such as Nikola Jokic, Kemba Walker and Kevin Love for more than $ 450 million. Actually, the consultant is known for his restraint, but Schwartz has taken care of unusually a lot. (News: All current information about the NBA)

The reason is Marvin Bagley, Big Man the Sacramento Kings. The 22-year-old was driven in 2018 at position two before Luka Doncic, played a decent rookie season and was thrown back in the course of injury.

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Bagley Agent Schwartz attacks Kings

In the past season, he was still regularly in the starting five of Kings, but sought his role. Finally, he was finally sorted out by the franchise from California - which made more than just an incomprehension in his agent.

"Sacramento informed Marvin Bagley that he will not be in the rotation for the first season game, which is completely puzzling," Schwartz is quoted in a statement.

"It is clear that you have no plans for him in the future and yet they have waived potential deals before the last year's deadline and this summer, with a view to his, value. 'You kept him and do not want him Let's play what the argument of 'value' is completely contradictory, "the manager raged. (data: Results and schedule of NBA)

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Bagley at Sacramento Kings outside

Schwartz Next: "This is a case study in terms of mismanagement from the Kings organization." According to ESPN ​​information, Schwartz has been trying for over a year to fage a trade for Bagley.

also still seeks a customer for his client. The kings are increasingly putting on small lineups, which is why Bagley plays no role for the time being. Nevertheless, you do not want to leave the center to maintain the depth in the squad. (Data: All Tables of the NBA)

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A concrete trade demand scared Schwartz despite his annoyance. Finally, this would have likely to have a fine of NBA.

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