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Sport: Is the art of crime credible? The true cops of the ICBC judge the series of France 2

Rittenhouse trial judge receiving threatening messages, reports say

  Rittenhouse trial judge receiving threatening messages, reports say Judge Bruce Schroeder, who has been presiding over the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial in Wisconsin, has been receiving threatening emails, faxes and other messages, according to reports. The threats have included some aimed at the judge’s family members, the Daily Mail reported. The messages also include accusations of racism against the judge and demands that he withdraw from the case, according to the Washington Examiner. "Enjoy your term, judge, it’s going to be your LAST," one message read, the Examiner reported. "If I ever meet you in person, I fully intend to spit directly into your face, regardless the cost.

L’Art du crime est-elle crédible ? Les vrais flics de l’OCBC jugent la série de France 2 © The art of crime: the real cops of the BCBC judge the series of France 2 Is the art of crime credible? The real cops of the ICBC judge the series of France 2 The art of crime is back on France 2 from Monday, November 22nd. The opportunity to ask the real Flics of the BCBC what they think of the series.

While France 2 diffuses the first episode of the season 5 of the art of crime dedicated to Camille Claudel Monday, November 22, Tele-leisure met and spent the question the real cops of the BCBC, L Central Office for Fighting Cultural Property Trafficking, visiting filming. Unlike the series, now broadcast on Monday , whose recurring sets - the offices of Pardo, Verlay and Chassagne, the sealed hall ... - are in Pantin, the offices of the true BCBC, are located in Nanterre. This service brings together police and gendarmes and has 27 people including 15 investigators. They judge the series worn by Eleonore Bernheim and Nicolas Gob, alias Chassagne and Verlay.

‘Wunderkind’ Art Dealer’s Wild Ride Ends in NYC Courtroom This Week

  ‘Wunderkind’ Art Dealer’s Wild Ride Ends in NYC Courtroom This Week The art dealer Inigo Philbrick was rolling in good vibes on the South Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu last year, even as allegations swirled that he may have committed a massive fraud—claims that will likely land him in jail. “He seemed very relaxed,” another island dweller, Dianne Nielsen, told The Daily Beast. “Philbrick and his girlfriend would come down by the beach to visit the Beach Bar for food and drinks. They also had a very cute puppy that would play with the other small local dogs.” The couple rented a house along the water, locals say, and the 33-year-old Philbrick went by his own name, apparently unconcerned by the intensifying legal heat.

Is there anyone in art to integrate the OCBC?

In the series, Antoine Verlay is a cop of the OCBC that does not know much about art. But to integrate the service, should we be amateur art? "Not necessarily, starts Jean-Luc Boyer, Divisional Commander and Deputy CAPBC Chief, the equivalent of PARDO in the series. The profile sought at the BCBC, it is above all experienced investigators. A appetite for the art market is asked but no more. After, over the files, they acquire knowledge. "

Do the CBCO cops invest on murders?

We know, the art of crime is a series. and necessarily, fiction arranges with reality. Unlike the ICBC cops of the series, the real treats do not deal with criminal cases. "We do not take care of the murders and it will never happen, assures Nathalie Chanvallon, adjutant of gendarmerie. This is the criminal brigade that takes care of it." Jean-Luc Boyer Accurate: "What can happen, is that one comes in support to the investigators seized of a murder. We give advice on murder cases or financial affairs related to the trafficking 'art."

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Judge describes jury instructions as 'very confusing'

  Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Judge describes jury instructions as 'very confusing' The 36-page jury instructions that Judge Bruce Schroeder gave the seven women and five men who are deciding Kyle Rittenhouse's fate are back in the spotlight after one of the jurors asked if they could take the instructions home on Thursday. Judge Schroeder granted the request, but he noted to the prosecution and defense that the jury instructions, which describe the relevant legal points and charges, are "very confusing." The prosecution and defense spent all day Friday hashing out the directions and Judge Schroeder continued taking edits from the bench on Monday.

On the other hand, what happens more regularly is the collaboration with their foreign counterparts. "Art traffic is international, emphasizes Thomas Leclaire, police captain, during Verlay. We work with the Hungarians, the Americans, the English, many with the Italians, the Spaniards ..." It is not uncommon to see them working with the FBI, as after thieves tried to resell in the United States stolen paintings in a museum Nice.

Can a cop of the CBOB collaborate with an expert, as in the art of Crime ?

An investigator flanked by a historian of art, in the art of crime, it works, but in reality, could this tandem do the pair? "We can not be investigating and archaeologist or investigator and restorer, it is not possible, insists Didier Berger, Colonel de Gendarmerie, the N ° 1 of the BCBC. We are going to seek the skills - whether it is In terms of painting, antiquity ... - Where they are. We work for example with a contractual that is not police but who is expert. "

Cyclist Sarah Gigante eyes a spot in the very first Tour de France Femmes

  Cyclist Sarah Gigante eyes a spot in the very first Tour de France Femmes Sarah Gigante is getting closer to a spot in the very first women's Tour de France, a childhood dream that for so long seemed impossible."I know 'nada'," Gigante laughs. Which in Spanish means "nothing".

offices ... well decorated

If there is no room to audition witnesses at the CBOC, the crawl offices are, like that of Pardo, always well decorated: instead of being destroyed, the seals (whose room of the series resembles that of reality) adorn the offices but never come out of the premises.

VERDICT: The Art of Crime seduces the CBCO

cops if all the ICBC investigators do not follow the series of France 2, they have at least looked at once, would it be than in curiosity. But overall, she made followers. "It's not bad, including the Van Gogh episode, says Jean-Luc Boyer, with the doubt about his death. They studied his life well, it was interesting and it sticks to reality." not earned, the series even managed to convert Christophe Bourdes, police captain: "I am allergic to the police series, I do not look at them because there are always aberrations, but the art of Crime I hung from the start. I enjoy. If I miss an episode, I look at it in Replay. I have all seen them and I'm waiting for it. " And we too!

Miss France 2022: The best-noted candidate for the general culture test is ... .
The identity of the MISS that got the best note to the general culture test was unveiled by Sylvie Tellier. © Laurent VU / SIPA The suspense ends: We know which candidate for the Miss France 2022 contest had the best rating in the General Culture Test . Monday, November 29, 2021, Sylvie Tellier made the announcement in his Story Instagram. This is thus Youssra Askry , Miss Normandy, who ranked at the top of the ranking, getting the score of 17 out of 20.

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