Sport: Kiel is tempted to the Bayern hero more than ever

Congratulations to the Bayern bosses!

 Congratulations to the Bayern bosses! The Bayern bosse apparently react with a salary shortening to the vaccination refuser around Joshua Kimmich. The right step finds sport1 editor-in-chief Pit Gottschalk. © Provided by Congratulations to the Bayern bosses! If right, What picture on sunday write t, you can only congratulate the Bayern Bossen.

Bremen travels as a favorite to the crisis to Kiel. The storks now pay the tribute for the missed ascent.

Kiel baucht den Bayern-Helden mehr denn je © Provided by Kiel is tempted to the Bayern hero more than ever

one week after the rapid top game against Schalke, Bremen now travels to the Live game on Saturday night after Kiel.

and despite all turbulence, Werder has to put pressure on it as a favorite. Cadric quality and claim speak a clear language. Also, when the topicality shakes the Bundesliga relegated pretty.

After the "start-scandal" now missing Zenkovic Corona infected and with Christian Brand is the next new coach on the line. (News: All current information on the 2nd Bundesliga)

Werner and Werder: The signs compress

 Werner and Werder: The signs compress The SV Werder Bremen is looking for a successor for the markus withdrawn due to prosecutor investigations. There is only one candidate: Ole Werner. © Getty Images The signs compresses: Ole Werner will soon become coaches of the SV Werder. Kiel Pocht on current contract also affirmed on Tuesday Uwe Stöver, sporting chief at Werner's Ex-Club Holstein Kiel, on request his opinion on Monday to several media issued opinion.

Holstein Kiel - SV Werder Bremen: The top game of the 2nd Bundesliga on November 27 from 19.45 clock live on TV on sport1

Kiel suffers under the past

in Kiel you have meanwhile Very different worries. The second failure in the relegation has left traces, which is not surprised. So strongly, the storks were on course direction for the first-time climb and then they broke in stages dramatically. The painful end against the 1st FC Cologne in the final finale was kiel then killed mentally and physically completely. (Data: Results and Schedule of the 2nd Bundesliga)

Werder confirms: Interim Trainer Brand in Kiel on the Bank

 Werder confirms: Interim Trainer Brand in Kiel on the Bank Football second division Werder Bremen officially confirmed that InterimScoach Christian Brand and no new head coach will sit on Saturday night in the away game at Holstein Kiel on the bench. © Carmen Jaspersen / DPA Interim Trainer for the game at Holstein Kiel: Christian Brand. "In Kiel, Christian Brand will be in the third game to Danijel Zenkovic and Markus in the beginning of the third coach," says in a report on the club hotpage, which introduces the 49-year-old ex-pro professional.

Such a fracture landing must be found as a team, club and environment first from the bones. Ole Werner has ultimately failed at this fracture landing as he retired in September with the attitude to make room for a new beginning. He does not do that for himself at Werder Bremen for himself. (Data: The table of the 2nd Bundesliga)

Qatar trouble and "painful sales losses"

 Qatar trouble and Munich. FC Bayern experiences an unusual annual general meeting in the nearest Corona Hochphase. Qatar is a strife theme. The pandemic meets the Bundesliga Kroeus athletic and economical. And the IMPF debate continues the record champion. © Christof Stache Bavaria President Herbert Hainer. sales decline, corona trouble, Qatar vortex: Bayern Munich does not come to rest.

His successor Marcel Rapp fights with the keels around a course correction upwards. And as a coach, you now need leaders, the footballery and as a personality, where others can stand up and orient. For many years I always like to look at Fin Bartels. He was always a fine footballer, not only as hero at Cup Triumph last year against Bayern. He always looked at me very charismatic.

A great guy on the pages of the Kiel

alien that I have talked to our Sport1 expert Martin Harnik about him. Finally, he did not play a long time ago with him at Werder Bremen. And he says, "FIN has always been a great guy, totally down to earth, everyone popular!

in the square he is a real leader, no speaker, but with his will and commitment he draws a team with. "Fits perfectly with my impressions. But Martin's statements manifest that right.

And then there is just this exceptionally good footballer, which I could experience together with Martin as a commentator in the game of the Kiel against HSV. Harnik brings it to the point as a kicker: "He goes straight to the gate, always has the instinct for the dangerous room and is still a hardworking worker against the ball!" There you can hear much respect in the statements of an ex-colleague.

Bundesliga: FCB bosses demand Ballon d'Or for Lewy

 Bundesliga: FCB bosses demand Ballon d'Or for Lewy The new CEO Oliver Kahn avoids a clear statement for controversial Qatar sponsoring at the Turbulent Annual General Meeting of Bavaria. The business numbers of Bavaria can be seen despite the Corona crisis, while the bosses demand the balloon d'Or for Robert Lewandowski. News and rumors Around FC Bayern can be found here. © Provided by Spox Robert Lewandowski is said to get the balloon d'Or according to the Bayern bosses. All Bayern news and breeds from the previous day can be found here.

and so we look forward to Saturday, on Bartels as a good guy and Kiel manager. But also on his ex-player Martin Harnik, who in Kiel on the side of my colleagues Ruth Hofmann and Olli Forster will be in use again for Sport1 as an expert.

of the machine search double pass 2nd Bundesliga - on Monday from 21.45 clock live in the free TV and in the stream on Sport1

and his expertise, he not only brings great in the case in the case of Bartels. Now I'm looking forward to his estimates for the upcoming duel on Saturday night.

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Freiburg Shooting Star One for Bayern? .
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