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Sport: Lewandowski would be a worthy winner, but every winner deserves Respect

huge fuss about Lewandowski in Poland

 huge fuss about Lewandowski in Poland Robert Lewandowski is usually celebrated by his own fans - now he is facing in his home country with criticism. It started all with a fateful role in the World Cup qualifiers. © Contributed by huge fuss about Lewandowski in Poland Over a superstar like Robert Lewandowski is much talk. A phrase that you always hear about the attacker of FC Bayern - either by experts, players or coaches, "He is an absolute model professional." The star striker trained not only exemplary good, he affords

Lionel Messi is the seventh winner of the balloon d'Or, he has secured the trophy before Robert Lewandowski and Jorginho. A commentary of Kicker editor Thomas Böker.

Stolzer Gewinner des Ballon d'Or - zum siebten Mal in seiner erfolgreichen Karriere: Lionel Messi. © Getty Images Proud Winner of the Balloon d'Or - for seventh time in his successful career: Lionel Messi.

Comment on the award of the balloon d'or

we introduce ourselves for a moment, we still did not know who won the balloon d'or won. But we know that the footballer has achieved 41 goals for his clubs and the national team in 2021 in 56 games. In contrast, many assists. We also know that he won the Continental Championship with his country and contributed four hits. We know that he is a fantastic, in his way even unique footballer. That he has laid a career, which is unknowing. That he is a fair athlete - and that he meets all the criteria that are relevant to this choice.

Kahn warns about investor money in football

 Kahn warns about investor money in football The new CEO Oliver Kahn has warned at its premier speech at an annual general meeting of FC Bayern München prior to the buildings of the investor clubs in Europe. © Felix Hörhager / DPA "We will continue to go on our own Bavaria way," says CEO Oliver Kahn at the Annual General Meeting. "We are currently experiencing the most fundamental change that has ever experienced football.

would you come up with the idea for a second, to claim that this player would not have earned the award?


and we know that the Argentine Lionel Messi is of PSG. Therefore, congratulations, also from the kicker.

dismissed from joy for the "other"

every winner, and just Messi because of his life performance, deserves respect. It has almost become an inglorious sport in our society to always complain. To be quilting. Display. Instead of looking forward to "others".

This feeling that would have won "others", plibly in some fan on this gala evening. Maybe not too wrong. Did not Jorginho with Chelsea the Champions League and with Italy brought the EM? So more than messi, the "only" triumphed with Argentina? Would Jorginho not be a deserved winner? Yes, sure, would he be that.

Bundesliga: FCB bosses demand Ballon d'Or for Lewy

 Bundesliga: FCB bosses demand Ballon d'Or for Lewy The new CEO Oliver Kahn avoids a clear statement for controversial Qatar sponsoring at the Turbulent Annual General Meeting of Bavaria. The business numbers of Bavaria can be seen despite the Corona crisis, while the bosses demand the balloon d'Or for Robert Lewandowski. News and rumors Around FC Bayern can be found here. © Provided by Spox Robert Lewandowski is said to get the balloon d'Or according to the Bayern bosses. All Bayern news and breeds from the previous day can be found here.

does not have Robert Lewandowski with 64 goals for Bavaria and his country Poland in 54 lots Messis Torquote again clearly talks? Would Lewandowski not, regardless of a German or Polish view, objectively a deserved winner? Yes, sure, he would be that.

but 170 journalists from all over the world have coordinated - and their majority, democratic votum is just fair to respect if you give Messis Copa victory more weight than Lewandowskis Bundesliga Torrekord.

2020 burst: Gesture of Messi

that from Bavaria-Warte just in the year of Triples 2020 these trophy has not been awarded, bitter is for the club and many of its stars, especially for Lewandowski. But probably no longer change. And that's not Messi's fault.

Messi said in his thank-on speech himself that Lewandowski would have had the title deserved and actually getting awarded later. That's absolutely true, because more than Lewandowski can not afford a striker. But he is carved out of the wood to win this award now 2022 and not to resign. After all,

Tapes Bayern a disappointment?

 Tapes Bayern a disappointment? Robert Lewandowski is one of the top favorites in the balloon-d'or choice. For FC Bayern, a success could be of great importance - for a variety of reasons. © Provided by Tatters Bayern still a disappointment? On Monday evening you will be banned in Munich to Paris. At 20.30 clock takes place in the French capital in the Théâtre du Châtelet the award of the balloon d'Or by the French specialist time France Football .

Lewandowski has been awarded as the best scorer of the year, perhaps only a consolation price that evening, Chelsea as a team of the year with most nominations, which is also a merit of the German coach Thomas Tuchel.

goose bumps and personality Kjaer

What remains in memory of this evening is the impression that somehow every star, so big he likes, seemed proud to sit next to an even greater. What all sympathetic appeared - above all by the way Lewandowski, who may not consider the 2nd place as a defeat.

But by Lewandowski, the way is not far to the unique Gerd Müller, which was also thought of the award ceremony in Paris as Diego Maradona. This caused goose bumps at the viewer, as well as of course the thanks to the winner in the women, Alexia Putellas from FC Barcelona, ​​who dedicated their award to their already deceased father. But also the special praise of moderator Didier Drogba for Simon Kjaer, who proved to be a great personality and real captain when he formed a protective wall around Christian Eriksen with his Danish colleagues when he fought his life at the em in the summer. That Eriksen, thank God has won this fight at that time is more value in this football year than any trophy. Also as the balloon d'Or.

Messi Father sends Embassy to Hat .
Lionel Messi wins the balloon d'Or - which triggers hot discussions before Robert Lewandowski. The father of the Argentine superstar has a message to the HATER. © Provided by Messi father sends Embassy to Hate The Ballon d'Or for Lionel Messi also ensures days later with such a man's fan still for a shake of the head - just if you would like to see Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern as a winner .

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