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Sport: Messi makes fun of his Haters

PSG: The stick to beat

 PSG: The stick to beat © supplied by Sofoot This victory of Manchester City against the PSG (2-1) in Champions League recalled two things: that despite the loss of the match, the collective Citizens is more costly than that of Parisians. And that Lionel Messi likes to practice walking on grass. on the knees, Kylian mbed pretends to drive a car, or play Mario Kart , with his new best friend Achraf Hakimi.

Venu pour récupérer son 7e Ballon d'Or ! © provided by came to recover his 7th Golden Ball!

Lionel Messi deserved the gold balloon? According to the 180 journalists of the Jury of France Football, the answer is yes. Even though, for many more, the reward could have been attributed to Jorginho, Karim Benzema, or more Surely Robert Lewandowski , excellent with Bayern Munich for two years.

But the PSG can reassure yourself: critics about its legitimacy are not likely to reach Messi according to the journalist Guilem Balague. "Does he know how his coronation has reacted some about social networks? Of course, explains Spanish journalist in a chronicle for the Parisian. He hears what is said of him thanks to his friends or his team of public relations. But it is royally detacted with what people think about him. He got used to what everyone naked his victories (even in the years they are indisputable) and he understands how social networks work: opinions are extreme, only the most vindictive are heard. "

PSG 'cannot be a counter-attacking team' with Messi, says Anelka

  PSG 'cannot be a counter-attacking team' with Messi, says Anelka PSG started with their famed front three of Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe at the Etihad Stadium and Anelka feels boss Mauricio Pochettino has his hands tied with the style of play.The former Arsenal and Chelsea striker has been less than impressed with Messi since he swapped Barcelona for Paris in the summer and his ire showed itself again on French television after a 2-1 defeat to Man City in the Champions League.

Video: 17th J. - Caqueret: "We did not do everything at 100%, we all know that talent is not enough" (Dailymotion)

Guilem Balague explains Messi used to cash the blows outside the field. "During his passages to the court in Barcelona for his tax fiscal fraud, one thing became clear for him: it was a persecution, possibly emanating from Madrid because of the success of FC Barcelona. So, it forces you. to have hard skin. " It is probably not a coincidence that the most virulent criticisms against Messi's golden ball come from the boss of a daily Madrilenian , Supports Real ...

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Messi "Purpose of the month", the new election that does not pass .
Lionel Messi won the "purpose of the month" of November following a realization against Nantes. But this choice is debating observers. © Provided by Football 365 Lionel Messi (PSG) Nearly two weeks after an victory widely discussed during the 65th Golden Ball, Lionel Messi received a new distinction from Fridays since Argentinian Paris Saint-Germain won the "goal of the month" of November.

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