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Sport: Biathlon - Continuation of Östersund (H): Jacquelin Third behind Christiansen and Samuelson

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jacquelin 051221 © Panoramic Jacquelin 051221

Emilien Jacquelin finished third of the pursuit of Östersund, behind vetle Christiansen and Sebastian Samuelsson. Antonin Guigonnat, Ninth, is the other French of the top 10

This is a six-podium weekend for the France Biathlon team at the second stage of the World Cup in Östersund! Two o'clock after the victory of the Relayers, Emilien Jacquelin is mounted on his 23rd podium, finishing third of the pursuit. Party second, the French finished behind Vetle Christiansen, Party Fifth, and Sebastian Samuelsson, left first. Winner of the sprint with 18 seconds ahead of Emilien Jacquelin and 22 on Quentin Fillon Maillet, the Swedish kicked favorite of this pursuit, but a fault during the first shot allowed his competitors to come back to him, and Samuelson, Jacquelin, Christiansen And Latypov stood in ten seconds after this shot, while Fillon Maillet committed two errors. French, Russian and Norwegian continued their fault on the second shot, while Samuelsson committed another. Jacquelin thus came out of the firing step with 14 seconds ahead of Latypov and Christiansen and 25 on the Swedish. But the third shot immediately questioned, since French has committed its first two mistakes. This did not stop him from staying at the top of the ranking, but with only two seconds ahead of Norwegian and 3''6 on Samuelson, Latypov having cracked.

Biathlon: Live: Starting Shot for Biathlon Men

 Biathlon: Live: Starting Shot for Biathlon Men Starting in the New Biathlon World Cup Season! In Swedish Östersund, the men are in singles over a total of 20 kilometers today. The live ticker for the race is here. © Provided by SPOX The biathlon season 2021/22 starts in Swedish Österesund. See the Lord's single race in Östersund today live on Dazn! Register now! After the ladies started the beginning in the morning, the gentlemen now and turn to start in the new biathlon race year. Stay on it to miss nothing.

Christiansen New leader of the

World Cup on the last shot, Christiansen went to seek victory thanks to a faultless. Released with 16 seconds ahead of Jacquelin and 19 on Samuelson, he could savor in the last round. He won his second World Cup victory and endorses the world's leader's yellow jersey. As for the second place, Samuelon who managed to win it, exceeding Jacquelin in the last hectometers. The French climbs to the fourth place of the general classification, even if it is not its main objective of the season, which is rather to go for an Olympic title in Beijing. Antonin Guigonnat, Party 20th, offered a nice lift to finish 9th, while Quentin Fillon Maillet, who broke his rifle, could not do better than 16th, with five counter faults. We will find all this little world from Friday in Hochfilzen (Austria) where, like this week, a sprint, a pursuit and a relay will be on the program.

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  ‘Tick, Tick… Boom!’ and other November premieres on Netflix, Amazon and HBO ‘Tick, Tick… Boom!’ and other November premieres on Netflix, Amazon and HBO

???? Emilien Jacquelin, after his 3rd place in the pursuit of Ostersund: "I wanted to look for the win today. Since this morning, I thought about it " #LequipeBiathlon

- The Chain The team (@lachainelequipe) December 5, 2021

World Cup (H) / Continuation of Östersund (Sweden )

Final ranking (12.5km) - Sunday, December 5, 2021

1- VETLE CHRISTIANSEN (NOR) in 30'14 "8 (1 fault)

2- Sebastian Samuelsson (Sue) at 9" 8 (4)

3- Emilien Jacquelin (FRA) to 11 "(3)

4- Michal Krcmar (RTC) to 51" 5 (1)

5- Tero Seppala (end) at 52 "1 (1)

6- Simon Eder (AUT) to 52 "2 (0)

7- Tommaso Giacomel (ITA) to 52" 5 (1)

8- Johannes Boe (NOR) at 1'00 "1 (3)

9- Antonin Guigonnat (FRA) at 1'02 "3 (2)

10- Benjamin Weger (Sui) at 1'04" 2 (2)


16- Quentin Fillon Maillet (FRA) at 1'43 "1 (5)

17- Fabien Claude ( FRA) at 1'45 "5 (4)

27- Simon Desty (FRA) at 2'02 (5)

41- Eric Perrot (FRA) at 3'12" 8 (3)


first for kuehn, two blue in the top 10 .
© provided by biathlon - sprint of hochfilzen (h): first for kuehn, jacquelin and fillon-mallet in the top 10 when johannes kuehn thwart all Predictions. German, who had never won a World Cup event, took this Thursday on the sprint of Hochfilzen (Austria) of the failure of all favorites (none did not manage 10 out of 10 And Johannes Boe had to settle for the ...

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