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Sport: ROAD OF ROCK. The Winter Collection arrives at the new wave of Saint-Malo

Jennifer Lopez swears in winter on these clotted shoes to the jeans outfit

 Jennifer Lopez swears in winter on these clotted shoes to the jeans outfit fans of Jennifer Lopez Knowledge, which stands 52-year-old beauty (literally) on a high footwear. Whether sandals, overknees or pumps - the paragraph can not be high enough, also with plateau. There is only one exception: every winter, the singer produces the good old Timberland Boots , which is super casually styled to jogging suit or how quite up-to-date casual jeans and sweater.

Présent en août 2019 au fort Saint-Père à la Route du Rock été, le groupe Altin Gün revient pour la collection hiver à Saint-Malo. © Archives West-France, Hugo Smague present in August 2019 at Fort Saint-Father at the Rock Summer Road, the Altin Gün Group returns for the winter collection in Saint -Malo.

Private Edition 2021, the Winter Collection of Rock Road returned to 2022 in Saint-Malo and Rennes. The first names have just been revealed.

The 2021 edition could not take place because of the CIVID-19 epidemic. But the Rok Road team announces the return of the Festival Winter Collection at a 16th edition, scheduled for 9-12 March 2022 to Saint-Malo and Rennes .

"Always faithful to the aesthetics of the festival and marrying cult artists and new generation", The team unveiled the first names of the artists confirmed to play the new wave in Saint-Malo. The public will include the pleasure of finding the Altin Gün group and its western rock mixed with traditional Turkish music.


Christmas offer also poster, the explosive Electro music trio Zombie Zombie, the artist Anika, the Australian Independent Rock Group The Apartments, the Irish poet Sinead O'Brien, the English post-punks of Folly Group, Camera Germans and New British Sensations The Lounge Society and Français Teacher.

A Christmas offer is offered with two-day packages, March 11 and 12, at the new wave, at 35 € instead of 49 € (until 31 December 2021).

Everything from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: Now he has confirmed it myself! .
That's it! Everything from for Dwayne Johnson. Much was speculated about it, but now the confirmation of him himself comes that it does not continue. © Axelle / Getty Images Dwayne Johnson Well, because Vin Diesel can still whining and begging, The Rock has made a decision and that seems to stand like - Nomen Est Omen - a rock. at least the trade magazine "Motor Authority" is sure. also interesting: man bathes in hot Yellowstone source.

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