Sport: South Africa: Wave Omicron Passed Without Peak

The risk of hospitalization with omicron lower delta, according to a British study

 The risk of hospitalization with omicron lower delta, according to a British study health-coronavirus-omicron-study: the risk of hospitalization with omicron lower to delta, according to a British study © Reuters / Jeeneah moon the risk Of hospitalization with Omicron lower in Delta, according to a British study London (Reuters) - the risk of having to remain at the hospital because of COVID-19 is 40% less than 45% for patients contaminated by the Omicron variant Coronavirus compared to those infected with the Variant Delta, according to a study conducted by Imperial College,

Vaccination devant un centre commercial de Pretoria, le 8 décembre 2021 Deaths © Phill Magakoe Vaccination in front of a shopping center of Pretoria, December 8, 2021

South Africa, where the new VVID variant is detected. Last month, announced having passed the peak of the Omicron wave, with an increase only "marginal" of death, while many countries are experiencing record infections.

"According to our experts, Omicron has reached his peak without translationating a significant or alarming change regarding the number of hospitalizations," said Friday, the Mondli Gungubele president, ensuring that the government would remain vigilant to the slightest opposite .

The night curfew, in place for almost two years, 21 months precisely, had reduced to hours between midnight and 4 o'clock in the morning. On the eve of the celebrations for the New Year, he is finally lifted.

How to recognize Covid-19 symptoms from the omicron variant

  How to recognize Covid-19 symptoms from the omicron variant A mild Covid-19 case from omicron might feel like a cold. You should still take it seriously.An international team of researchers has been tracking signs of infection throughout the pandemic with the Covid Symptom Study using a mobile app where users could self-report their symptoms. Data on the omicron variant is still preliminary, but a group of 171 app users in the United Kingdom, most of whom are vaccinated, recently reported that their top symptoms for omicron were a runny nose, headache, fatigue, sneezing, and a sore throat. These were also the top symptoms for people infected with the delta variant.

"Our hope is that this lifting is maintained," said the minister at a virtual press point. "We seek to strike a balance between people's lives, their livelihoods, and the goal of saving lives," he explained, reminding that the South African economy was heavily affected by the pandemic.

Un employé d'une morgue de Pretoria en combinaison de protection s'occupe d'une personne décédée du Covid, le 22 janvier 2021. © Marco Longari An employee of a Pretoria morgue in combination of protection takes care of a deceased person of COVID on 22 January 2021.

by maintaining the port of the mask, the distancing, and accelerating the vaccination which Stayed on objectives, with only 15.6 million people completely vaccinated for a population of 59 million, the minister hopes that "the curfew will never come back".

Thursday evening, the Presidency announced that "all the indicators suggest that the country was likely to have passed the peak of the fourth wave" of the pandemic and a "marginal increase in the number of deaths was noted."

COVID updates: NSW reports new peak; Victoria records two deaths; South Australia announces new restrictions

  COVID updates: NSW reports new peak; Victoria records two deaths; South Australia announces new restrictions Victoria, Queensland and the ACT's daily COVID numbers were all lower on Boxing Day compared to Christmas Day, but New South Wales and South Australia have reported new daily records.You can jump to the COVID-19 stories you want to read by clicking below.

The number of infections, hospitalizations and deaths will continue to be "followed hour per hour and if we observe a difference" in evolution, "we will act on immediately," said the minister on Friday.

- Narcotizing speed -

New contaminations fell by nearly 30% last week (89,781), compared to the previous week (127,753). And the admissions to the hospital declined in eight nine provinces: "Although the Omicron variant is highly transmissible, the hospitalization rates were lower than in previous waves," said the presidency.

Photo d'illustration du variant Omicron du nouveau coronavirus, prise à Londres le 2 décembre 2021. © Justin Tallis Photo Illustration of the Omicron Variant of the New Coronavirus, taken in London on December 2, 2021.

Omicron, which has a high number of mutations fearing a resistance to vaccines, was identified for the first time in Botswana and in South Africa at the end of November. It quickly became dominant in South Africa, causing an exponential increase in the number of contaminations up to more than 26,000 daily cases in mid-December, according to official statistics.

COVID-19: Omicron and Delta variants, what symptoms?

 COVID-19: Omicron and Delta variants, what symptoms? More than 200,000 people have been tested positive at COVID-19 in 24 hours in France. Symptoms related to virus infection differ slightly depending on variants. © Provided by franceinfo You have suddenly bad at the head and throat? Wondering if it is the Covid , or one of the many winter viruses that circulate? Only a test, preferably PCR or antigenic default , determines whether you are contaminated.

The variant is currently present in a hundred countries, according to WHO. Extremely contagious, it affects vaccinated people as well as those that have already been contaminated with the virus.

African country officially the most affected, South Africa has more than 3.4 million cases and 91,000 deaths. Fewer than 13,000 cases have been detected in the last 24 hours.

"The speed at which the fourth wave due to Omicron has increased, then reaches a peak and then declined, has been amazing. A peak in four weeks and a decline precipitated in two weeks", has twitty fareed abdullah of the South African Council of Medical research (samrc).

While many countries affected by Omicron announce a strengthening of health restrictions, and record cases of new contaminations per day, the South African government has thus lifted the curfew and night schools can resume normal operation.

The wearing of the mask, however, remains mandatory in the public space and the gatherings are still limited: 1,000 people maximum inside, 2,000 outside.

Requests for a curfew increase had multiplied in recent days, in anticipation of New Year's Eve, including a petition of restaurant owners and bars.


Queensland records 18,000 new COVID-19 cases, school start date delayed for two weeks .
Queensland records 18,000 new cases of COVID-19, with 402 people in hospital, including 22 people in ICU, with five on ventilators. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk also announced changes to the return to school date for the state's primary and high school students. She said projections suggest Queensland would reach the Omicron peak in the last week in January."Modelling can change [but] the projections are, at the moment, that New South Wales Victoria will reach their peaks before Queensland."Queensland is expected to reach [our] peak during the last week of January and the first week of February," she said.

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