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Sport: By the way, what is the Dakar?

Spider-Man: No Way Home crosses the billion at the world box-office

 Spider-Man: No Way Home crosses the billion at the world box-office Spider-Man No Way Home crosses the billion in the world. On the United States side, the film Marvel captures the head of the ranking, despite the arrival of the suites of all on the scene and Matrix. © 2021 CTMG. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

L'ANTISECHE - Le Dakar, ancien Paris-Dakar, ne part plus de Paris et se déroule en Arabie Saoudite. C'est à ne plus rien y comprendre. Chaque jour, l'antisèche du JDD répond à une question pas si bête que ça, pour mieux comprendre l'actualité. © Reuters

The Anti-Peche - The Dakar, former Paris-Dakar, leave more Paris and takes place in Saudi Arabia. It is to no longer include anything in it. Every day, JDD's antisic answers a question that is not so stupid as that, to better understand the news.

The "Dakar" is a rally raid of cars, motorcycles, trucks, but also quads. It is even in its category, the race-queen, the most important to get in a list. First, a rally-raid is a mechanical sport competition whose steps are particularly long - several hundred kilometers each day - and whose race itself is long - one to two weeks. There is no circuit, it is only off-piste and we have to call navigation.

Rally Dakar 2022: The starters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

 Rally Dakar 2022: The starters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland At the Rally Dakar 2022 in Saudi Arabia, some riders from Germany, Austria and Switzerland occur. The majority of the German-speaking representatives act as a privately, but there are also three names that can hopes for podium places. As in previous years, two German passengers have the best opportunities on top results in the automotive ranking. Timo Gottschalk is the 14th time and acts as a navigator of Poland Jakub Przygonski. With X-RAID you have top material available.

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the Dakar, he was founded in 1978 by the Biker Thierry Sabine. Two years ago, he had the idea of ​​this competition by losing themselves in the sands of the Libya desert during an Abidjan-Paris rally. He creates a race of 10,000 kilometers starting from the place of Trocadero in Paris to join Dakar, the capital of Senegal. The event seduces the public with its new adventurers who brave the desert and sandstorms. It is also marked by the 1986 helicopter accident: the founder Thierry Sabine, but also singer Daniel Balavoine, a journalist from the Sunday newspaper who followed them, Nathalie Odent, the radio technician of RTL Jean-Paul. The François-Xavier Bagnoud driver, find all five deaths in the crash of their helicopter in the Sahel desert, Mali.

That's why Zendaya and Tom Holland did not want sex scene in "Spider-Man: No Way Home"

 That's why Zendaya and Tom Holland did not want sex scene in " Eternals " has the first sex scene in a film of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Anyone who had briefly distracted at this point (for example, with smooching in the cinema), the scene has missed, as so short, this moment fell out, above which in advance was so disproportionately reported. The Marvel movies are largely a sex-free zone and it is also covered with allusions.

The Paris-Dakar is rarely gone from Paris

, it is called "Paris-Dakar", but it has rarely been its real route: there was a Versailles-Dakar, a rouen-the course in South Africa , a Marsele-Charm-el-Sheickh in Egypt, a Dakar-le-Cairo, etc. Since 2009, the "Dakar" has not been more in Africa because of instability in the Sahel desert or Mauritania. To avoid terrorism - the 2008 edition had been canceled at the last moment for these reasons), the competition goes in South America. Then in 2020 in Saudi Arabia where it takes place again this year.

The official name remained "Dakar" because that is how it became known. It is now its brand and organizer, the Amaury Sport Organization Group (ASO, which also organizes the Tour de France Cyclist, Paris-Roubaix, the Paris Marathon and is part of the Amaury group that owns the newspaper the team). , do not want to change it.

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Expanding NRL squads 'way to go': Holbrook .
Gold Coast coach Justin Holbrook believes expanded NRL squads are the "way to go" to avoid COVID-enforced disruptions to the 2022 season. © Dave Hunt/AAP PHOTOS Gold Coast coach Justin Holbrook says expanding squads is the way to prevent NRL season COVID chaos. Holbrook has experienced first-hand the chaos a COVID outbreak can have on a first-team squad, with over 20 of his squad forced to isolate last week after testing positive.The majority of those players have since returned to training with a further 12 rejoining the squad on Thursday.

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