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Sport: 800,000 cars affected: Mercedes with huge callback action

zak brown: would be surprised when a team would dominate 2022

 zak brown: would be surprised when a team would dominate 2022 © Motorsport images zak brown calculates 2022 again with some narrow duels "I would be very surprised if we will see a boring season next year with the new cars" says McLaren Managing Director Zak Brown. This fear had expressed some after it had given 2021 one of the most exciting formula 1 seasons of all time, but everything is rewetted over for 2022.

Long no recall in the automotive industry had more. The gap closes Mercedes now. The reason is firing. Pricklined.

Stern über der Mercedes-Zentrale © imago / arnulf Hettrich Stern over the Mercedes Central

faulty components in the car industry always lead to gigantic recall actions . Almost every car brand is affected, currently Mercedes has to call several hundred thousand cars into the workshop, as the day's show reports on image.

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This time is an defective coolant pump of the shutter button. Due to their leak in certain models, their component temperature can rise so that an Brand can no longer be excluded from the manufacturer.

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Which models are affected

by the Corona pandemic, however, the industry is missing in bulk spare parts , which makes the recall particularly precarious. In the meantime, Mercedes recommends that no one knows how long this will be affected cars rarely to use or to stand straight until they could be repaired.

The callback concerns exclusively Diesel vehicles of the series GLC, GLE, GLS, CLS, C, E-, S and G-Class , in which the motors OM 654 or OM 656 installed and which in the Period between January 2017 to October 2021 were produced. According to Mercedes, this very specific information relates to about 800,000 vehicles.

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