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Sport: Africa Cup: Cameroon wins the prelude to Burkina Faso

Jungle Camp starts on January 21 in South Africa

 Jungle Camp starts on January 21 in South Africa Dusseldorf. After a year Corona pause, the RTL jungle camp 2022 will take place again as usual. Only a new location was elected: South Africa. On the 21st of January it starts. Here we keep you up to date. © mg rtl d The moderators Daniel Hartwich and Sonja Zietlow leads again 2022 through the show "I am a star - get me out of here!". On January 21, 2022, the 16th season of the reality TV format begins at RTL. This time the show takes place for the first time in South Africa.

before the Africa Cup, the coronary regions have been stricted. At the starting game Burkina Faso lost the host cameroon - but had not available six players and the coach.

  Afrika Cup: Kamerun gewinnt zum Auftakt gegen Burkina Faso © Mohamed Abd El Ghany / Reuters

Due to the Coronalage , the organizers of the Africa-Cup had exposed to the football tournament in Cameroon in December, but then decided to carry out. Now cameroon won the prelude to a substitute fueled Burkina Faso 2: 1 (2: 1).

Six Players of Burkiners and also coach Kamou Malo lacked positive coronate tests. Nevertheless, the team had to compete, the continental association had announced on Sunday that the games should take place when both teams have at least eleven players with negative tests.

ECOWAS concludes the limits to Mali

 ECOWAS concludes the limits to Mali The heads of state and government of West Africa impose hard sanctions against the crisis of Mali. The local junta wants to postpone the election term scheduled for February for years. © Michele Cattani / AFP / Getty Images Military of Burkina Faso on the border with Mali (archive image) on a special summit in Ghana's capital ACCRA has the Western African states (ECOWAS) "very hard sanctions" against Mali for delayed elections imposed.

In the Bundesliga, it is 16 negative players for comparison. In a game deduction, the game was 0: 2 against the responsible team. In "exceptional cases" one keeps a suitable decision, it continued. Meanwhile, in a team, all goalkeepers fail because of a positive coronate test, a field player has to go to the gate.

Burkina Faso is running

45,000 fans in Yaoundé but the Burkiner caused a true surprise: after a mistake of Camerun's goalkeeper André Onana, Gustavo Sangaré met the leadership of the outsider (24th minute). However, in the first half, however, two impetuouss resulted in a penalty for Cameroon: Vincent Aboubakar transformed both times (40th, 45. + 3).

The discharge amidst the Coronapandemie and the current season had caused criticism in the European leagues. The tournament takes place because of better weather conditions in winter. In summer is in Cameroon rainy season.

Some European clubs had thought about a refusal to remedy their players, but it had given protest. When the Ivore Sebastien Haller, at Ajax Amsterdam, hired in the Netherlands, the question is asked if he prefer to stay there, he answered angry: the question shows "the lack of respect for Africa," says Haller. "Would this question ever be asked to a European player before the European Championship?"

Four French soldiers of the operation "Barkhane" injured in an explosion in Burkina Faso .
© Copyright 2022, Obs Four French soldiers were injured in Burkina Faso during the explosion of an improvised explosive machine (IED ) At the passage of their vehicle, in the north of the country, announced the French staff Tuesday, January 18, to the evening. "The off-road vehicle exploded on an IED at the exit of the Ouahigouya airport," said the staff, stating that it was a "unit" Barkhane "on a recognition mission".

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