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Sport: Valentino Rossi: Yamaha still has the electronics not under control

10 Important Facts on Friday Trading On Stock Exchange

 10 Important Facts on Friday Trading On Stock Exchange These 10 facts are likely to ensure movement in the markets today. © Provided by Kazuhiro NOGI / AFP / Gettyimages Keep an eye on the complete current trading day here. 1. DAX Stable expecting The German stock market is likely to open retail on Friday. One hour before the start of the trade, the DAX tends with a small minus of 0.1 percent at 16,029 points. 2. Exchanges in Far East Uneven The Asian stock markets hit different directions on Friday.

in the MotoGP season 2016 debuted the unit electronics of Magneti Marelli. In the years before, Honda faithfully resisted against the introduction of a uniform ECU. The Japanese had perfected their in-house electronics and criticized that the unit ECU prevents developing work in the MotoGP.

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Insider expected that Yamaha could benefit from the Unity ECU, because even before the unit electronics, Yamaha used the help of Magneti Marelli and was familiar with the operation of the electronics. But it came differently. The Yamaha engineers had a big effort to get the good balance of M1 with the uniform electronics.

Fix: Triumph returns in the season 2022 in the Supersport World Cup back

 Fix: Triumph returns in the season 2022 in the Supersport World Cup back © Worldsbk Hannes Soomer with Team Manager Simon Buckmaster and the Triumph The new format of the Supersport World Championships also attracts triumph in the series next to Ducati. In the 2022 season, Triumph will be represented with the PTR team of Simon Buckmaster, which has agreed with Hannes Soomer. For the first time since the 2018 season, a triumph will be represented in the field of middle category. Soomer brought a podium in the Supersport World Cup as the first driver from Estonia.

Valentino Rossi reminds of this time: "From 2015 to 2016 there was a big change. At that time, the unit ECU came from Magneti Marelli. The goal was to make a better balance of performance between factory machines and the rest of the field. The manufacturers should also be brought together. "

"I remember that it was a big problem for Yamaha. I think Yamaha was hit hardest," notes Rossi. "With the Yamaha-own electronics, the motorcycle had a very good balance. That worked very well. The Japanese engineers could handle this electronics very well. They were very good in fixing the problems."

"When we moved to Magneti Marelli, we made a big step back. The motorcycle did not let go so easy," Satensi looks back and call the greatest problems: "The traction control, but above all the engine control, were not the same Well balanced. "

"First, everything was in harmony. With the Magneti Marelli electronics we had to fight. Also in the years thereafter, the Japanese engineers had big problems, correctly deal with the Magneti Marelli electronics," says Rossi and adds : "I think it's still a problem."

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