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a study: the vision of salary increases up to the age of 60 years does not correspond to reality. From the achievement of this age, the opportunities for a salary increase are significantly worse.

TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty Images © Provided by Toru Yamanaka / AFP / Getty Images So much earns an average career entity

Who after studying or training aged between 20 and 30 years as a specialist takes its first firm profession, initially receives an average salary between 30,131 and 45.213 Euro gross, so the results of salary biography in 2019 by Accordingly, the average German with 60 years ears almost twice, namely 58.658 euros. Executives rise in comparison to specialists at 25 years at an average of 62,847 euros and double their salary until they are 60 years old to 128,681 euros. The salary development is therefore similar to those of the professionals.

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Who thinks, however, he would have just 30 to 40 years to come to this salary is wrong. Like salary biography in 2019 and also the studies of the previous years, specialists and executives only have about 20 years to reach this salary level.

Between 20 and 40, the largest salary jumps

are created between 20 and 40 years, specialists and executives make the largest salary jumps. Per five years working time at this age is an average salary increase of around 7,000 euros in specialists and 10,000 to 12,000 euros in managers.

from this age is conclusion

from the age of 45 years, however, is the conclusion with large salary increases for specialists and executives. Already from the age of 40 years, fewer high levels of salary can be achieved than in the years before. If a specialist or manager reaches the age of 45 years, just average salary increases in the hundred-euro area can be achieved for skilled workers, until they retire. For executives, the salary can be further increased from the age of 45 years, with sums of a maximum of 3,000 euros every five years, but not as strong as in the previous years.

The average salaries in 40 years of work has developed in its salary biography in 2019 a salary average from the salary development of the specialist and executives. A specialist thus earns according to averaging 45,341 euros a year, a leadership 104,573 euros.

Furthermore, the study found out: Academics will overtake non-academics after a few years of work experience on the salary scale, especially good salaries achieve economists and engineers. In addition, large companies pay higher salaries than smaller companies. Editorial

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