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Sport: Djokovic, a "disaster" for Nadal

Djokovic met minister and junior tennis players maskless day after infection

  Djokovic met minister and junior tennis players maskless day after infection The tennis champion may have picked up the virus at a basketball match where he met with a player who later tested positive to COVID-19.Court documents revealed on Saturday that the World No. 1, who remains in detention in Melbourne, claims to have learnt of his infection on December 16.

Rafael Nadal © Provided by Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal has perfectly launched its Australian fifteen. Opposed to the American Marcos Giron, Spanish won into three sets (6-1, 6-4, 6-2). But at the end of the meeting, the Spaniard especially had to talk about Novak Djokovic, expelled from Australia, Sunday, after more than ten days of legal battle. Australian justice has finally finalized definitively and cancel its visa. A decision that does not dispute Rafael Nadal, nevertheless sorry for this Djokovic soap opera.

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"There is almost a week, when he won at first instance, he was able to recover his visa and was able to train. I said that justice had spoken. Yesterday (Sunday), justice said something else. I will never be against what justice says, "he first explained, adding: I think the situation was a disaster. He is not the only one to have done things probably bad in this case. Of course, there are other leaders in all this terrible situation we have faced in the last two weeks. But obviously, he is one of the leaders. »

Australia finds unlikely ally in Djokovic stoush .
The lesson from the Djokovic fiasco to all sports governing bodies is that, when it comes to preserving the social licence of your sport, even the biggest name athlete is only as good as their last jab. Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt believes the lesson for other national governments is equally clear."The world saw Australia hold firm," he told The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. "Whilst there was a lot of commentary, the vast majority of people in Australia, the vast majority of people around the world and I believe, the vast majority of countries, have and will support the position we have taken.

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