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Sport: China: the daily cases at the highest to two years at three weeks of the Olympics

Covid tests ordered for 14 million in China's Tianjin

  Covid tests ordered for 14 million in China's Tianjin The northern Chinese city of Tianjin on Sunday advised its nearly 14 million people to stay home while it conducted mass Covid testing after a spate of recent cases, including two caused by the Omicron variant, state-controlled media reported. They include at least two cases of the Omicron variant, as well as 15 infections among elementary and middle school students, according to various state media reports. The city near the capital Beijing launched its mass testing early Sunday, advising residents to stay at or near home to be available for the community-level nucleic-acid screening.So far, however, no larger lockdown order was seen.

  Chine: les cas quotidiens au plus haut depuis deux ans à trois semaines des JO © AFP

L E Number of Covid-19 cases in China has reached its highest level on March 2020, at the moment when Beijing is struggling to eradicate the highly contagious Omicron variant three weeks from the Olympic Winter Games.

Monday, 223 new cases have been reported in China, 80 in the only port city of Tianjin (North), touched for over a week by an epidemic home.

The province of Guangdong (South), which counts Canton for Capital, has recorded nine local COVID-19 cases, some of the Omicron variant.

The city of Zhuhai, at the border with Macao , asked its inhabitants to avoid travel in other localities and started Monday to test the entire population. Schools have been closed.

Track world mourns Olympic star dead at 29

  Track world mourns Olympic star dead at 29 Sprinter Deon Lendore, an Olympic and world championship star died Monday. He was 29.According to Texas A&M University, for whom Lendore had worked as a volunteer assistant coach over the past two seasons, the sprinter was returning home from practice when he was involved in an automobile accident.

Seventy-eight COVID cases have also been reported in the province of Henan (Center), where partial confinement measures and massive screening have been put in place for several millions of residents.

is less than three weeks from Beijing Winter Olympics (4-20 February), the authorities are on the who-live.

Especially since the Chinese capital reported this weekend a first case of the Omicron variant.

Video: Faced with an increase in COVID-19 cases, China Alert State before the Beijing Olympics (France 24)

A Beijing Health Officer, Pang Xinghuo, Told Monday to the press that the virus had been found on a letter received from the Canada by the contaminated person.

According to the authorities, dozens of letters of the same lot have been tested. Five presented positive traces of the coronavirus, including samples from inside unopened letters.

A new Dubai or a Chinese enclave?

  A new Dubai or a Chinese enclave? China is helping Sri Lanka build a new city to rival global offshore centres. Who will it benefit?Next to Colombo's leafy business district, the huge expanse of sand reclaimed from the sea is being transformed into a high-tech city which will host an offshore international financial centre, residential areas and a marina - prompting comparisons with Dubai, Monaco or Hong Kong.

Contaminated Letters?

The strain was different from Omicron's cases in China, and similar to strains identified in North America last month, Pang said. "The possibility of infection through incoming objects can not be excluded," said the manager.

Since the discovery of 2020 traces of virus on a cutting board of import salmon in a Beijing market, China is particularly tathed with products from abroad.

The food hypothesis at the origin of the CVIV-19 epidemic in China had been beaten in breach by the WHO .

Preventatively, more than 13,000 people have been detected in Beijing, while some tourist sites have been closed.

The city now requires a negative test before the trip and a follow-up test after arrival.

The inhabitants are also invited not to leave the capital during the upcoming Lunar New Year's holidays (February 1st).

With the arrival of the first athletes, the Chinese capital launched last week its concept of "closed loop".

This sanitary bubble must prevent any direct contact between its future inhabitants (athletes, officials, volunteers, drivers, cooks) and the Chinese population.

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Climate change could threaten the future of the Winter Olympics .
The report, led by experts from Loughborough University, comes just days before the start of the Winter Olympics in China, which will be the first to rely on almost 100 per cent artificial snow. The report, led by experts from Loughborough University, said: 'The risk is clear - man-made warming is threatening the long-term future of winter sports.'It is also reducing the number of climatically suitable host venues for the Winter Olympiad.' © Provided by Daily Mail Experts have warned that the number of suitable venues could decline amid rising global temperatures.

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