Sport: "A new level of incompetence": Cowboys reap ridicule

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 COVID-19: In the United Kingdom, the signs of the beginning of the end of the Omicron wave after a record of contamination caused by the Omicron variant and observed on January 4, the curve of contamination begins to slow down, followed by that Hospitalizations in the London Capital. © Justin Tallis / AFP Hospitals in the United Kingdom are always in tension despite the beginning of a drop in the UK admissions finally goes out the head of the water. Over the handle, where the Omicron variant represents more than 95% of the contaminations, the curve begins to reverse.

The Dallas Cowboys have buried in the NFL their dreams of the first championship since 1995 once more early. "America's Team" reap scorn and derision.

© Contributed by "A new level of incompetence": Cowboys reap ridicule

When the gates of the AT & T opened stage, the fans stormed into the arena. It seemed as if everything go away with a closing sale for free. (DATA: All tables in the NFL)

But the supporters of the Dallas Cowboys wanted only the best standing back up for the playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers.

The video shows: No other team the euphoria was probably greater than with the Texans.

Dallas Cowboys with horror series

At the end of the expectations of the fans but were disappointed with the excessively 17:23 - again. (DATA: Results and Schedule for the NFL)

Open from Australia: Emma Raducanu, the new jump in the unknown

 Open from Australia: Emma Raducanu, the new jump in the unknown © Panoramic Emma Raducanu, three months after the surprise victory at the US Open. In September, Emma Raucanu had crossed the US Open, qualifications in the final, as in a dream. Not the slightest set lost in ten matches and a major title (his first on the circuit) unexpected. Comparable to those won in Roland-Garros by Michael Chang in 1989, Gustavo Kuerten in 1997 or Iga Swiatek in 2020. The return on earth was a little brutal.

Because since 1995 the championship is nothing more at the Cowboys in the playoffs.

Eleven times was Dallas in the playoffs since then without ever reaching the Conference Final - an unprecedented losing streak!

In seven of the last ten playoff appearances there was even directly in the first round the corner. This too is a negative record!

This should all be different this year.

The Cowboys were considered championship contender. After all, stood for the regular season's third-best record (12: 5) to book.

Prescott dominated the NFL

Especially the offensive dominated the NFL. No franchise so managed many points as Dallas. No competition reached as much yards.

quarterback Dak Prescott secured the franchise record with 37 touchdown passes in 16 games.

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And the defense also delivered with 34 ball gains from right. Of course, the the Ligabestwert was. Therefore

Prescott said before the game against San Francisco. "Super Bowl or anything."

Against San Francisco the Cowboys were in their own stadium overwhelming favorites. After all, secured the 49ers until the last second the playoff ticket .

Cowboys' new level of incompetence "

But Dallas was completely disenchanted and failed at the big flaw: the lack of discipline. The Cowboys conceded all 32 teams already in the regular season, most penalties did in the playoffs right there on and dropped out.

"This will hurt for a long time," coach Mike McCarthy said afterwards. He was specially brought in 2020 to finally defeat the playoff curse and now failed, as did its predecessors.

for the early failure is now available for "America's Team" - anyway, probably the most polarizing team NFL - only scorn and derision.

Will Omicron Protect Us From Future Waves?

  Will Omicron Protect Us From Future Waves? A variant that spreads comprehensively won’t necessarily protect comprehensively.The close of Omicron’s crush, then, should bring the country one step closer to hitting a COVID equilibrium in which SARS-CoV-2’s still around, but disrupting our lives far less. In the most optimistic view of our future, this surge could be seen as a turning point in the country’s population-level protection. Omicron’s reach could be so comprehensive that, as some have forecasted, this wave ends up being the pandemic’s last.

ESPN ​​wrote: "A once promising season for the Dallas Cowboys ends again in a completely chaotic way."

The Dallas News was clear: "The Dallas Cowboys have excelled himself and reached a new level of incompetence. "

NFL expert laughs Dallas from

Mike Greenberg of ESPN ​​ made fun especially over the last unsuccessful turn. Prescott opted for a run, then time was running from. (NEWS: All the latest information on NFL)

The referees were then pelted with garbage - Prescott celebrated the fans for that.

"That was probably the worst announcement of a move I've ever seen in my life," Greenberg found.

most clearly showed ESPN -expert Stephen A. Smith his joy over the Cowboys stop. In a video he laughed from the franchise: "I told you the whole year. You will not even win a playoff game. "

breaking Cowboys now?

And so came owner Jerry Jones once again completely frustrated before the cameras. "If you have the combination of these players, then you just have to be successful"

The billionaire knows very well that this team probably has little future. After all, there is in the NFL a salary cap for the teams.

And stars like Amari Cooper, Ceedee Lamb, Michael Gallup, Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott, Micah Parsons, Leighton Vander Esch and Trevon Diggs are not paying over a longer period in the network.

So it is far from guaranteed that the Cowboys get another chance in the next few years to let the playoff trauma behind.

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