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Sport: "residual risk remains": Coronafals Make Söderholm before Olympics Worry

Freiburg's fight against the horror balance at the BVB

 Freiburg's fight against the horror balance at the BVB at home has finally worked twice, the SC Freiburg now wants to win back in Dortmund after over 20 years. Sports Management Jochen Saier calls the prerequisite and emphasizes the respect for BVB - also because of its own staff situation. © Imago Images / Sportfoto Rudel Can the SC Freiburg stop the BVB and polish the balance sheet? Saier: "There remains a mum task" from the youngest two duels with Borussia Dortmund, the sports club emerged as a winner.

Ice Hockey National Trainer Toni Söderholm has worried that the power carrier will miss the Olympia due to Corona infections. In the DEL rages Corona.

„Restrisiko bleibt“: Coronafälle machen Söderholm vor Olympia Sorgen © provided by "residual risk remains": Coronafals Make Söderholm before Olympics Worry

The numerous Coronafals in the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) make National coach Toni Söderholm take care of the nomination of the Olympics bid.

with the Straubinger Marcel Brandt has already infected a candidate for the winter games in Beijing.

Söderholm announces the 25-member squad next Tuesday.

Only shortly before departure on 2 February, the Finn will not know who he can really take.

Corona alarm in German opponents!

 Corona alarm in German opponents! Bad news for Germany's group opponents Poland at the Handball EM. © Provided by Corona alarm in German opponents! The German preliminary preliminary opponents Poland has five after arrival at the Handball European Championship in Slovakia to complain to five Coronafals. As the association announced, Adam Morawski, Piotr Chrakkowski, Jan Czuwara, Kacper Adamski and Damian Przytula were positively tested on the virus. The quintet feels well, is asymptomatic and is in isolation.

at the weekend earlier is still played in the DEL - infection danger included. "We are in close exchange with all the players and have formulated our tips and hints for the time to depart from the DOSB's recommendations," said Deb-sport director Christian Künast the SID .

Söderholm does not know who is fit

"The players want to play Beijing to play the tournament, and take that very seriously," Künast continued, "Of course, even with strict compliance with all measures, we remain a residual risk, which we are Conscious, and we are prepared for that. "

Brandt belonged to SID information on the 35-member preliminary squad, which the German Ice Hockey Bund (DEB) had sent the German Olympic Sports Association (DOSB) every week ago.

because of the Corona Pandemic and the many uncertainties, the debut had decided to name the final squad as late as possible. In order not to get infected shortly before the departure to China, the players have been advised, among other things, to wear a mask at home.

The high-beginning omikron variant is a big problem for the team sports.

"Hygienon concepts have failed"

"I see the hygiene concepts in team sports as failed. With the omikron variant, team sports are hardly feasible safely, "the Leipzig epidemiologist Markus Scholz declared.

Defender Brandt (29) had belonged to the German squad at the World Cup last year in Latvia when the DEB selection was stormed into the semifinals.

The Straubing Tigers announced on Wednesday that he had been positively tested. Brandt is located in domestic isolation, on Thursday the club announced ten other Coronafals.

Climate change could threaten the future of the Winter Olympics .
The report, led by experts from Loughborough University, comes just days before the start of the Winter Olympics in China, which will be the first to rely on almost 100 per cent artificial snow. The report, led by experts from Loughborough University, said: 'The risk is clear - man-made warming is threatening the long-term future of winter sports.'It is also reducing the number of climatically suitable host venues for the Winter Olympiad.' © Provided by Daily Mail Experts have warned that the number of suitable venues could decline amid rising global temperatures.

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