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Sport: Penalties of Cédéao: Roads blocked on the border between Mali and Ivory Coast

Sanctions against Mali divide the UN Security Council

 Sanctions against Mali divide the UN Security Council © Timothy A. Clary, AFP on Tuesday, the sanctions decided by the Cédéao against Mali were on the program of a meeting of the Council of UN Security. The UN Security Council looked at Tuesday, January 11 on the situation in Mali and at the meeting, the members of the UN Council presented themselves divided on the issue.

Les camions attendent pour traverser dans le village ivoirien de Pogo à la frontière avec le Mali, ce 20 janvier 2022. © Pierre Pinto / RFI Trucks are waiting to cross in the Ivorian village of Pogo on the border with Mali, this January 20, 2022 .

Since January 9 the borders of Mali are closed. Cédéao sanctioned the Malian junta by imposing a blockade in the country. If the products of first necessities can enter Mali nothing else. With regard to passengers, the border is theoretically closed for almost two years and the beginning of the pandemic of Covid-19.

with our correspondent to Abidjan back from Pogo, Pierre Pinto

for four nights, these three Malian drivers sleep under their truck. They are blocked until further notice at the Pogo border post, waiting to be able to resume the road to Bamako 500 km away.

Mali: The authorities protest after the overview of a French military aircraft

 Mali: The authorities protest after the overview of a French military aircraft © RFI / Olivier FOUT An airplane from the French Operation Barkhane in Mali. (Illustration Image) The Cédéao has closed its borders with Mali as part of the sanctions of the regional institution to force Bamako to quickly organize elections. Mali responded by doing the same. But do these closures are also worth foreign military aircraft? The Malian government issued a protest after a big carrier of the French army cut off his radio to cross the Malian border and go to Gao.

Video: Mali: France wants to apply the sanctions of ECOWAS at European level (Le Figaro)

"We carry iron. I was told that we do not have the right to cross with iron so we wait until further notice. We knew that the border was closed. He was taught in Abidjan. We came and they told us it was closed, tells the heavy driver. We hope inch'allah that there will be solutions for the border to open and can be leaving. We know that it will open, there is no choice. It must open.

No change for the products of first need

if the heavyweight traffic has fallen in Pogo, it is far from ceasing. The products of first necessities are always allowed to enter Mali. Trucks loaded with rice or oil for example pass without creep and empty in the other direction as for fuel, explains this tanker truck driver: "The closure, it has not changed anything for us."

in Pogo We still see some minicars disembark the passengers. If it is theoretically prohibited travelers from going through land in Mali, since the beginning of the pandemic. Some go to motorcycle through the bush on between 10,000 and 11,000 CFA francs.

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The Mali insists that Denmark withdraws from the country .
Mali-Securite: Mali insists that Denmark withdraws his troops from the country © Reuters / Paul Lorgerie Mali insists that Denmark withdraws his troops from the country Bamako (Reuters) - The Malian government again asked Denmark on Thursday to withdraw its soldiers deployed in the country as part of an anti-terrorism mission led by France.

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