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Sport: A "Forest School" should open at the start of the Lyonnais Mountains

West Ham-OL: Toko Ekambi Replacement

 West Ham-OL: Toko Ekambi Replacement © Provided by Best scorer of OL in Europa League, it will be missing from the move to West Ham. There are small surprises in the team composition of Olympique Lyonnais, which moves to West Ham in quarterfinals go from League Europa. Video: Ederson's goals, Salenitana midfield, rose by PSG (Dailymotion) little used in recent weeks, Jérôme Boateng is holding in central defense. Reaches this week by COVID-19, Karl Toko Ekambi will begin on the bench, just like the Tete rookie.

Educational Educational Model, "Forest Schools" provide primary school teaching outside, by all time. An association hopes to open one in September near Lyon

Des études ont prouvé que les élèves qui passent beaucoup de temps en extérieur améliorent leurs capacités cognitives. © Pixabay studies have proven that students spending a lot of time outdoors enhance their cognitive abilities. pedagogy - Educational model in booming, "forest schools" provide primary school education outside, by all time. An association hopes to open one in September near Lyon

if nobody learns to children to love nature, nature can learn many things to children. The "Forest Schools", Schools Alternatives in Full Nature , appeared in Denmark in the 1950s: Troking the classroom against a clearing, students are more attentive, more fulfilled. Very in vogue in Scandinavia and Germany, they stridely pierce in France, with some forty schools identified.

Colombian Amazon: casualty of peace

  Colombian Amazon: casualty of peace In just a few minutes, an enormous century-year-old tree is felled by an electric saw in the middle of a protected national park. People caught cutting down trees in the protected reserve, or sponsoring such destruction, risk up to 15 years in prison. The government conducts anti-deforestation operations, but the area is vast, remote, and hard to police. Since 2019, authorities have detained 96 people in raids.- 'The rich came to destroy everything' -Livestock herding is a major source of deforestation.

A Rhodanian association, the lanes of the forest, plans to open one at the next start in the Mountains of the Lyonnais . "The base is pedagogy by nature," explains Nina Kleinsz, future director of the institution. The principle is that "the children spend a maximum of time outside, and therefore the instruction time is outside. Throughout the year, by all time, equipping according to the weather. For this neuropsychologist, "it is important for children to create the link with nature, but also with the pace of the seasons, that they live with their bodies."

A location and teaching to

standards A farmer has made available to the association 60 hectares of fenced forest, without routes, as well as an old chevrerie designed to house children in case of very bad weather. This shelter requires renovation and implementation work: A call for donations is open until April 20 to finance them. The school would host two classes of ten children each: a group from 3 to 6 years old, and another 7 to 11 years old.

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This age mixture will sometimes be accompanied by a mix of programs. "In France, alternative schools must follow the National Education Program, while a private school remains free of its choice, methods and pedagogical supports," says Nina Kleinsz, "but children will have to acquire the same common base ".

A child who leaves this school at the end of the school year will be able to integrate a "classic" after. "We do not just play them play in the forest, they will have the same knowledge! ", Ensures the teacher. For example, in a Forest School, the courses add "the free game in pedagogy by nature. Children freely follow their desires of the moment, that teachers identify to then adapt the instruction times. If they build a cabin, we will approach the physics. If they pick up insects, the natural sciences ... we can also make geometry in the forest, calculating the size of a tree for example. From concrete, it's very important.

Pete Davidson's weirdly impressive dating history

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of the physical, cognitive and behavioral benefits of studies have confirmed the multiple benefits of such a school environment. First for the physical health of children, more and more sedentarized. "In terms of psychomotor development, at the smaller ones, running or walking out requires other skills than walking on a concrete yard or landscaped squares," says Nina Kleinsz.

The greatest are more attentive to others: "To be in a group outside also develops collaboration, communication, critical spirit". On the teacher side too, "when you teach out, it's quieter, contrary to what we might think, there is less stress! In addition, the benefits will indirectly affect the protection of biodiversity. "Knowing Nature, children will create a strong emotional connection with it, which will bring them to protect it," NINA Kleinsz remarks. "By creating these opportunities to spend a lot of time out, it is hoped that it will participate in creating a generation that will be more naturally connected with the living. »

CompanyCharente: a marsac, their kindergarten, it is the forest

Rennesrennes: an alternative school project in the countryside is germanly

Forest-Lovers and Cops Face Off Over Luxury Home Project .
On Monday morning, a person known as Nuthatch climbed a pine tree inside an urban forest in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to stop a national developer of McMansions from bulldozing hundreds of landmark trees to make room for a subdivision of luxury homes. “We don’t do this for fun. Certainly, being up here in the canopy and surrounded by the sounds of the forest is a lovely place to be,” Nuthatch said in a dispatch issued from their portaledge. They were temporarily sheltering in a doomed tree inside a future Toll Brothers development called Concord Pines, hoping to stall the destruction.

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