Sport: Sebastian Vettel: The new Formula 1 fans are not the problem

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Sebastian Vettel sieht das Problem nicht bei den neuen Formel-1-Fans © Motorsport Images Sebastian Vettel does not see the problem with the new Formula 1 fans

Sebastian Vettel does not believe that the new generation of Formula 1- Fans are the problem in the stands. In Spielberg, the topic of fan behavior on the route really cooked for the first time: several visitors reported provocations and attacking behavior, especially women. This even caused Formula 1 to comment. According to Vettel,

has had a big change in the fan base in recent years, but it does not see the newer fans as a problem - but rather the older ones. "I think the bad behavior has always been there," he says. "And I don't think it was or is right at any time."

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The German believes, however, that the new generation will no longer put up with it: "They get up and complain. They draw attention to it and use other platforms to communicate." Because the problems quickly went viral via social networks.

The Aston Martin Pilot thinks it's great that people finally have the courage to defend themselves against the harassment, so that the drivers and Formula 1 also notice what is going on.

"The truth is unfortunately that it is probably the case with large sporting events and major events for a while," he says. "And it is more than time for things that change. Because there is simply no space for something like that!"

All drivers would think of that, because the opposite votes have so far been from the paddock. Sergio Perez sees a lot of great fans in Formula 1, for him the cause of the problem is not part of it: "They do not represent our sport. They do not share our values ​​and they are not welcome here. It's that simple," he says.

"We should exclude them for life and do not welcome them again," he demands, but does not want to generalize the problem: "We have a lot of great fans with great values. I think a few fans should not embarrass our sport in this way be able."

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