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Sebastian Vettel: The new Formula 1 fans are not the problem

 Sebastian Vettel: The new Formula 1 fans are not the problem © Motorsport Images Sebastian Vettel does not see the problem with the new Formula 1 fans Sebastian Vettel does not believe that the new generation of Formula 1- Fans are the problem in the stands. In Spielberg, the topic of fan behavior on the route really cooked for the first time: several visitors reported provocations and attacking behavior, especially women. This even caused Formula 1 to comment.

Sebastian Vettel's father, the fiasco in Austria sees as a co-trigger for his son's decision-making.

Vettel-Vater: Das war der Tiefpunkt © provided by Vettel-Vater: That was the low point

after the resignation of Sebastian Vettel has now spoken to father Norbert-and reminds a bitter day that a co-triggers for the decision of his Son was.

“That's a shame, but I understand him. That was an incredible career of my son and the low point was Austria, ”said Vettel Senior at

RTL/NTV . (reactions to the Vettel resignation)

at the Grand Prix in Spielberg Sebastian Vettel first had to accept a qualifying debacle. In the sprint race, he had to park his car after a crash shortly before the end of the race.

and on Sunday he finished the last after a collision with Pierre Gasly.

Vettel announces retirement from Formula 1

  Vettel announces retirement from Formula 1 Four-time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel has confirmed that his illustrious career will come to an end after this season.The 35-year-old German star took to his personal Instagram account to release the news in a four-minute video.

Everything for the Vettel resignation, for Formula 1 and for motorsport weekend in AVD Motor & Sport Magazin-on Sundays from 9:45 p.m. Live on Free TV and Stream on Sport1 Vettel father: "That hurt so much"

"It hurt so much to drive around at the end of the field and that accelerated this idea," said Norbert Vettel. (Vettel resignation: Statement in the wording)

in July in the Sport1 interview, Vettel explained: “I have emphasized several times that I want to fight for points but also for victories. Otherwise, the fun is lost. ” Vettel has just collected 15 points this season. (Data: The driver's ranking of Formula 1)

his father emphasized: “I would definitely like to go to a race again and I will probably choose Monza because he got his first Formula 1 victory with Toro Rosso. There his great career as a four -time world champion - also in Toro Rosso - started. ”

F1 boss from Vettel resignation Cold caught

 F1 boss from Vettel resignation Cold caught Sebastian Vettel ensures a bang in the premier class with his resignation. Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali is caught cold by the decision of the German. © provided by F1 boss from Vettel resignation Cold On Thursday Sebastian Vettel provided a bang : At the end of the current season, the four-time world champion ends his glorious career in Formula 1. (News: All current information on Formula 1) for many came the decision surprisingly, including F1 boss Stefano Domenicali.

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Szafnauer unveiled: Vettel wanted to switch to Honda .
© Motorsport Images Sebastian Vettel 2021 with his Formula 1 team boss Otmar Szafnauer by Aston Martin on the sidelines of the Great Prize of Hungary has been Sebastian Vettel's former team chief Otmar Szafnauer about the resignation of Germans said and had some interesting stories ready. "He is a great type," says the Alpine team boss, who worked with Vettel at Aston Martin the previous year. "I called him [after the resignation] and wanted the best for the future." "He is withdrawing now, but

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