Sport: Senegal: The opposition relies on the legislative elections to impose a cohabitation on Macky Sall

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 Bayern star Mané is again Africa's footballer of the year Sadio Mané was honored again in Morocco with the award for Africa's best footballer. Unlike first planned, the professional of FC Bayern is now traveling directly to Munich © AFP via Getty Images Africa's footballer of the year: attacker Sadio Mané already won the Africa Championship with the Senegal this year. after the triumph at the continental championship with Senegal Bayern striker Sadio Mané has been awarded Africa's football of the year for the second time.

The ballot of July 31 is akin to the "first round" of the presidential election of 2024.

  Sénégal : l'opposition mise sur les législatives pour imposer une cohabitation à Macky Sall © supplied by Franceinfo

Sept million Senegalese are summoned July 31 to elect their deputies during legislative elections with the value of a test before the presidential election in February 2024. The opposition wants to take advantage of this ballot to impose cohabitation on President Macky Sall and slow down the intentions she lends to want to do a third term. President Sall, elected in 2012 for seven years and re -elected in 2019 for five years, maintains the vagueness on his intentions in 2024.

This legislative election, in one turn, will allow to renew for five years the 165 seats of the Monocameral Parliament largely controlled by the presidential camp. The deputies are elected according to a mode which is a proportional ballot with national lists for 53 parliamentarians, and majority ballot in the departments for 97 others. The diaspora has 15 deputies. The electoral campaign, which lasted 21 days, ends on July 29. Here is what you need to know about the upcoming ballot.

Senegal legislative poll tests ruling party ahead of 2024 vote

  Senegal legislative poll tests ruling party ahead of 2024 vote In a municipal election in January, the ruling party lost major cities to the opposition. Sunday’s poll is another test.Tensions have run high in the politically stable West African country since violent protests broke out last year after Sall’s main opponent Ousmane Sonko, who came third in the last 2019 presidential election, was arrested on rape charges. Sonko denies the allegations.

The issues

"We can consider these legislative elections as the first round of the 2024 presidential election," the researcher and political analyst Cheikh Guèye told AFP. The ballot takes place in a context of price increase, in particular because of the consequences of the war in Ukraine , an argument used by the opposition against power. The latter, for its part, highlights the subsidies of petroleum products and foodstuffs as well as its infrastructure construction program.

The opposition wants to compel Macky Sall to give up any hint of candidacy in 2024. "If Macky Sall loses them (the legislative elections), he will no longer speak of 3rd term," assured Ousmane Sonko, the leader of the Main opposition coalition, "Yewwi Askan Wi" (free the people in Wolof language) and presidential candidate of 2024.

AU has a responsibility to help protect Tunisia’s democracy

  AU has a responsibility to help protect Tunisia’s democracy African Union missed many opportunities to put a stop to Tunisia’s democratic backsliding, but it can still take action.With less than 30 percent turnout, there are serious questions about the legitimacy of Monday’s referendum. Nevertheless, the deep divisions within the opposition and the public’s ever-growing disillusionment with the political system mean Saied may face little resistance as he moves to further consolidate his power.

for power, the legislative elections are a test after the local local, won by the 'Opposition in major cities of the country such as Dakar, the capital, Ziguinchor (South) and Thiès (West).

The political offer

eight coalitions are in the running for these legislative elections including those of the presidential majority, "Benno Bokk Yakaar", and "Yewwi Askan Wi" formed around Ousmane Sonko , who arrived third in the 2019 presidential election . This one combined with the "Wallu Senegal" coalition (saving Senegal in Wolof), led by ex-president Abdoulaye Wade. The coalition the least well placed in a department committing to support the other with the aim of "obtaining a parliamentary majority" and "imposing government cohabitation". Macky Sall promised to appoint a Prime Minister, a position he had deleted and then restored in December 2021, within the victorious election training.

Senegal elects parliament in test for presidential vote

  Senegal elects parliament in test for presidential vote Senegalese voters head to the polls Sunday for parliamentary elections the opposition hopes will force a coalition with President Macky Sall and curb any ambitions he may hold for a third term. Sixty-year-old Sall, who was elected in 2012 for seven years then re-elected in 2019 for another five, has been accused of wanting to break the two-term limit and run again in 2024. He has remained vague on the subject, but any defeat of his supporters in Sunday's vote could upset such plans.Polling stations are due to open at 0800 GMT and close at 1800 GMT.

"We are within the framework of highly disputed elections, analyzes the political scientist Maurice Sudieck Dione in the columns of the Senegalese South Daily newspaper

. They are also uncertain about the results, which is a guarantee of democratic vitality".

A campaign enamelled with violence

of giant rallies and noisy caravans crisscrossed the country generally calm, while pre-campaign had been marked by violent demonstrations which had left at least three dead. These incidents had followed the invalidation by the Ministry of the Interior, confirmed by the Constitutional Council, holders of the national list of the coalition led by Ousmane Sonko, invoking the ineligibility of one of his candidates, inadvertently appearing to both among holders and substitutes.

In addition, several opposition figures of which Ousmane Sonko, were forced to give up participating in the elections, not without having called their supporters to protest against what they believed to be a stratagem by President Macky Sall to rule out his opponents under covered with legal means. Aside from the first demonstration, all the others had been prohibited by the authorities. On June 29, the opposition finally calmed the game by agreeing to participate in the ballot, which it hitherto threatened from preventing.

In a final call for calm, the autonomous national electoral comission (CENA), recalls the information site

, invited "the officials and political parties" to "raise their activists, supporters and sympathizers" in order to that the ballot of July 31 takes place in "Peace and security". X1

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