Sport: Lübeck-Coach is happy "Animal" about Cup Coup

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Lukas Pfeiffer, after the cup of VfB Lübeck's cup hero.

Lübeck-Coach freut sich © provided by Lübeck-Coach is happy "Animal" about Cup Coup

Lukas Pfeiffer, after the cup of VfB Lübeck's cup hero. "I'm happy for the team and the club," commented the 31-year-old, who celebrated the surprise after the final whistle on the square with a vita dance: "We were waiting for such a game for years, with such a great setting and one so great experience. "

The regional league from Schleswig-Holstein had thrown the second division club Hansa Rostock 1-0 (0-0) from the DFB Cup. "We wanted to play bravely, the team just implemented it really well," said Pfeiffer and announced a "green-white party".

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Tarik Gözüsirin (78th) scored the decisive goal at the Lohmühle. "This is a unique moment for me," said the shooter of the golden hit in the NDR.

that the Rostockers had more chances for a long time was expected. However, there was nothing to be seen of a two-class difference. The VfB acted very skillfully with a lot of running and repeatedly disturbed the rustock's offensive efforts.

In the fourth minute, FC Hansa had the great chance of leading the lead in front of 10,351 spectators. Nils Fröling failed to VfB keeper Florian Kirschke. In the 36th minute, Rostock's John Verhoek had a header chance, but his tapper just passed the left post. Nine minutes later, Verhoek hit the crossbar of the Lübeck Gate.

in the 62nd minute Rostock's Nils-Jonathan Körber destroyed a good chance of the home side, he steered a shot from Felix Drinkuth over the crossbar. VfB was finally able to cheer, after the final whistle the sold -out Lohmühle was literally head.

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