Sport: The future of mobility: What does the 9-euro ticket come?

Lioness Ella Toone steps out for lunch with friends in Cheshire

  Lioness Ella Toone steps out for lunch with friends in Cheshire Lioness Ella Toone has been snapped stepping out for lunch with friends in Wilmslow, Cheshire, just days after the England team's stunning victory in the Euro 2022 final. Ella, 21, from Manchester, looked cool and casual in an oversized white T-shirt and black cycling shorts as she walked down the street in Wilmslow.The athlete, who plays for Women's Super League club Manchester United as well as the England squad, finished off her sports luxe look with fresh white trainers, a black rectangular cross-body bag, and sunglasses.

After three months, the 9-euro ticket is coming to an end. So far, Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner has nothing of an alternative.

  Die Zukunft der Mobilität: Was kommt nach dem 9-Euro-Ticket? © Zeitjung

is that a "live well" or "goodbye"? The intended term of the inexpensive 9-euro ticket ends in September. Of course, the many users of the ticket, which made it possible to use public transport (public transport), are now a very important question: "Was that now?".

about a continuation of the ticket or a mental successor has been discussed for a long time: from the Association of German Transport Companies came up with the idea for a 69-euro ticket, the left, in turn, demands a continuation by the end of 2022 with a subsequent 365-euro annual ticket. below and in between there are numerous offers in various price categories , all of which want to replace the 9-euro ticket. It is not yet foreseeable whether one of them will ultimately prevail.

Krass: After her resignation

 Krass: After her resignation , former ARD boss Patricia Schlesinger collects so much after her resignation has resigned after her waste of fees has been accused. The public prosecutor's office is investigating. Now it's also about your pension. © Imago / EPD Patricia Schlesinger Patricia Schlesinger is the former boss of the ARD and director of the RBB.

Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner (FDP) is currently vehemently putting itself on: There is simply no money for it. In addition, many people who have no quick access to a train station or other public transport would have to participate in the ticket without being able to benefit from it - this is "not fair" for Lindner's statement. In addition, such a ticket has an " free mentality à la unconditional basic income" among the population.

solidarity yes, but with whom?

For this statement, Christian Lindner is sharply criticized by many sides , including members from their own government. Because instead of tackling the problem of missing connections in rural regions, he questions the concept of a cheap ticket for public transport.

Scholz: 9-euro ticket One of the best ideas

 Scholz: 9-euro ticket One of the best ideas Chancellor Olaf Scholz has shown himself as a fan of the 9-euro ticket. It is "one of the best ideas we had," said the SPD politician on the Federal Government's open day in Berlin. © Carsten Koall/dpa Chancellor Olaf Scholz on the open day in the Federal Chancellery. The favorable nationwide ticket for local transport showed what was possible - and also where there were difficulties when driving.

that our finance minister, who has luxuriously married at the expense of taxpayers and the with its tax plans, "relieves" , now speaks of harmful "free mentality", appears like bare Hohn : D AS 9-euro ticket is the first opportunity for many financially poorly positioned households to finally benefit from the co-financed infrastructure and mobility. is absolutely nothing "reprehensible". Especially since the government does not hold back with subsidies elsewhere.

In the middle of several crises, to position itself openly against solidarity is a faux pas of the very first quality. The 9-euro ticket may not be portable for the state treasury, but an inexpensive alternative must be created urgently.

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Land irritated by Berlin's push for successor ticket .
Brandenburg rejects a separate Berlin succession for the 9-euro ticket. Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) turned against the advance from the capital and told the "Märkische Oderzeitung" ("MOZ"/Saturday): "A nationwide, attractive and serious model must be found here that works for area countries as well as for City states. " © Jan Woitas/dpa/symbol image Passengers pass by ticket machines past a train station. Transport Minister Guido Beermann (CDU) was also irritated.

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