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Anthony Joshua: 10 years since Olympic gold

  Anthony Joshua: 10 years since Olympic gold On this day 10 years ago Anthony Joshua claimed Olympic super heavyweight gold at London 2012.August 12 marks 10 years since AJ set his pursuit of world title stardom in motion as he clinched Olympic super heavyweight gold with victory over Roberto Cammarelle at London 2012.

Kanu-European Championship in Munich-Oberschleißheim

Finaler Jubel in München: der deutsche Kajak-Vierer (hinten). © Getty Images Final Jubilee in Munich: The German Kajak Vierer (back).

The German Kayak fourth gave the German Canoe Association (DKV) the first title at the European Championships in Munich in the first final.

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The quartet around the two-time Olympic champion Tom Liebscher won over the non-Olympic distance of 1000 m with less than half a second lead over the Spanish boat. Bronze went to Hungary with a gap of two and a half seconds.

Liebscher sat in the boat on Friday instead of Jacob Schopf, who starts over 500 m in the afternoon in the kayak one. For the 29-year-old Dresden Liebscher, it was already the sixth gold medal at an EM.

Gold Coast mum Shannon Sime dies from stroke as GoFundMe is set up to help Scott, baby Harlow

  Gold Coast mum Shannon Sime dies from stroke as GoFundMe is set up to help Scott, baby Harlow Shannon Sime, a 29-year-old hairdresser from the UK who had been living on the Gold Coast, suffered a stroke on August 5 and sadly lost her life three days later. In a final act of selflessness Ms Sime donated her organs, potentially saving the lives of five people. One person who had just 24 hours to live was given Ms Sime's heart. She and her husband Scott had only just welcomed their daughter Harlow into the world, leaving the father devastated as he raises his newborn alone.'Shannon is the most amazing person I've ever met,' Mr Sime wrote in an emotional Facebook post.

Brendel/Hecker drive "Plan fully through"

The three -time Olympic champion Sebastian Brendel then won his first title. Together with his Canadier partner Tim Hecker, the 34-year-old won over 1000 m in the final on Friday with a lead of over a second before the Italian boat by Nicolae Craciun and Daniele Santini. Bronze went to Balaz's Adolf and Daniel Fejes from Hungary. "We drove through our plan," said Brendel after the victory at the ZDF microphone: "We are happy that it worked again."

Brendel/Hecker repeated their triumph from the previous year in Poznan. At the World Cup in Halifax, Canada, the duo was also at the top of the podium almost two weeks ago. At the Tokyo Olympic Games, the two bronze had won over the 1000 m, in Paris the Canadier-Zweier only compete over half of the distance. For the Potsdamer Brendel it was already the 14th title win at an EM. In Munich, the German canoe king, together with Hecker, starts over the 500 m mentioned and in the Canadier one over the 5000 m.

Yamashita's gold was a national obsession in the Philippines. Now the case of the missing treasure and the Marcos family are back in court

  Yamashita's gold was a national obsession in the Philippines. Now the case of the missing treasure and the Marcos family are back in court Ferdinand Marcos once stole treasure from a poor locksmith, then had him tortured, jailed and threatened with death. Now the treasure hunter's family is taking Marcos's wife and son to court to reclaim what they say belongs to them.In his spare time, he was an amateur treasure hunter.

canoe, European Championship in Munich

Men, Kajak-Vierer, 1000m

Germany (Tobias- Pascal Schultz/Essen, Tom Liebscher/Dresden, Martin Hiller/Potsdam, Felix Frank/Karlsruhe) 2: 53.174 min.; 2. Spain (Francisco Cubelos, Roi Rodriguez, Pedro Vázquez, Inigo Pena) +0.453 seconds; 3. Hungary (Mark Mizser, Kornél Béke, Csaba Erdossy, Tamas Erdelyi) +2.574; 4. Serbia +2.637; 5. Czech Republic +4.855; 6. Sweden +5.418; 7. Slovakia +6.410

Canadier-Zweier, 1000m


Sebastian Brendel/Tim Hecker (Potsdam/Berlin) 3: 32.896 min.; 2. Nicolae Craciun/Daniele Santini (Italy) +1.421 seconds; 3. Balazs Adolf/Daniel Fejes (Hungary) +1,689; 4. Oleg Tarnovschi/Mihai Chihaia (Moldau) +1.889; 5. Dmitro Jantschuk/Taras Mischtschuk (Ukraine) +2.577; 6. Eduard Strycek/Peter Kizek (Slovakia) +9.937; 7. Dominik Nowacki/Lukasz Witkowski (Poland) +11.064; 8. Oleg Nuta/Georgi Baragau (Romania) +27.228

Remis record and old acquaintances: This brings the 6th matchday .
in Düsseldorf threatens the division of points again, 96 coach Stefan Leitl meets an ex-club and St. Pauli coach Timo Schultz finally wants to beat Paderborn: The 6th match day at a glance. © Imago Who gets the points? Magdeburg Christian Titz, St. Paulis Timo Schultz and Lautern's Dirk Schuster (from left). Overview: HSV for the top game in Nuremberg Fortuna and Jahn set the draw record? on Friday evening (6.30 p.m., live! At Kicker), the new Bielefeld coach Daniel Schering gives his home debu

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