Sport: Intercités Nantes-Bordeaux and Nantes-Lyon trains: the state relaunches competition

Travel to Nantes. Flash visits awaken the mercy cemetery

 Travel to Nantes. Flash visits awaken the mercy cemetery © Ouest France of "flashes" visits allow you to discover the mirrors of times, in the mercy cemetery. Mirrors of Times, a new set of permanent travel works in Nantes (Van), are among the favorites of this new edition. Several times a day, Van mediators offer a flash visit to the cemetery. It is 11:30 a.m. in the Mercy cemetery, at Nantes . Thirty people stroll between the graves, near the meeting point, and gather at the call of Louise, mediator of the trip to Nantes (Van) .

Un TER en gare de Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), en septembre 2018. © Jérôme Fouquet / Archives Ouest-France A TER at Nantes station (Loire-Atlantique), in September 2018.

The setting Competition of trains had been interrupted in 2020 while the SNCF was the only candidate.

The State relaunched Friday September 16, 2022 The competition of Intercités Nantes -1 -Lyon and Nantes -Bordeaux, which he had interrupted at the end of 2020 while the SNCF was the only candidate, said the ministry of the Transport.

"Due to the health crisis, the competition procedure for the allocation of the operating contract of these two lines could not go to an end" , he said in a statement.

The Government had then mentioned the "economic difficulties encountered by the rail actors following the health crisis" and "The absence of a reliable perspective of resumption of traffic" , two factors preventing according to him "a just competition and equitable ", susceptible to " guarantee the best service at the user at the best price ".

Lyon: Gérald Darmanin boasts the action of the police in the difficult district of the Guillotière

 Lyon: Gérald Darmanin boasts the action of the police in the difficult district of the Guillotière © Ludovic Marin / AFP Gérald Darmanin is on the move in the sensitive district of La Guillotière, in Lyon, this Friday, September 9. The visit had not been registered in the agenda of the "First cop in France." This Friday, Gérald Darmanin is on the move in the sensitive district of the Guillotière, in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon.

Start of the contract planned in 2027

An interested time, the operators arrived (group Deutsche Bahn), Eurorail and Transdev had decided not to present offers, leaving the SNCF alone in the race.

The new version of the tender now provides

"that the candidates offer as an option an offer for the development of an affair between Nantes and Lille" which would pass through Angers, Le Mans, Caen, Rouen and Amiens, said the ministry on Friday. This new line will be launched, or not, "depending on the result of the offers received" , he added.

"The start of the exploitation by the new contract holder is planned in 2027" , once appointed the winner of the tender, he said.

Several regions concerned by opening up to competition

The intercities, officially called

"Territory balance trains" (TET), are subsidized by the State, which has expressed its intention to develop their network. They must be operated by the SNCF until 2031, but the agreement signed in March with the company provides that part of the lines are gradually open to competition by then.

Several regions have also already started to open up to competition from their TERs, organized as for the intercities by the 2018 rail law.

The Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region has already attributed two

"lots" After having made tenders, Paris-Toulon-Nice in Transdev and the "Star of Nice" at the SNCF. The procedures-more or less advanced-are underway in the Grand Est, the Hauts-de-France, in Ile-de-France, the Pays-de-la-Loire and in Burgundy-France-Comté.

signal box in Cologne broken - train failures and delays .
Because of a broken signal box at Cologne Central Station, there could still be considerable impairments in train traffic until Saturday. The disturbance would probably take until Saturday, the Deutsche Bahn said on its website. © Federico Gambarini/dpa Almost orphaned - Cologne Central Station. had damaged a water collapse on Thursday and almost completely paralyzed the main train station, as a railway spokesman said. Except for S-Bahn, no trains could hold there.

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