Sport: This winter the government has to deliver

Hospital wait times on the rise in NSW

  Hospital wait times on the rise in NSW Patients in NSW are waiting longer for ambulances and care in public hospitals as demand for services pushes to historic highs.The state's healthcare system was stretched by a winter wave of COVID-19 as well as a rampant flu season, causing blowouts in wait times across the sector.

Düsseldorf. The black and green state government has announced new rules that are intended to promote the expansion of renewable energies in NRW. Now she doesn't even call a clear schedule for when she wants to make nails with heads. Why she can't drive it so long.

Sonnenblume und Windrad – das scheint ja zu passen (Symbolbild). Aber im grün geführten NRW-Energieministerium gibt es bei dem Thema gerade Verzögerungen. © Julian Stratenschulte sunflower and wind turbine - that seems to fit (symbol image). But in the green Ministry of North Rhine-Westphalia there are delays in the topic.

before autumn, the black and green state government wanted to have made several new regulations that are said to drive the expansion of renewable energies in North Rhine-Westphalia. For more wind power in the forest and on other areas, for the renewal of older wind turbines and for more photovoltaics on large areas. That obviously nothing has become of it - for free. Among other things, the energy policy effects of Russia's war in Ukraine have come in. In the Ministry of Energy, you can certainly not complain about a lack of problems that want to be solved on the spot. A delay is to be granted.

Focus 1-Scholz excludes national solvents for Ukraine from

 Focus 1-Scholz excludes national solvents for Ukraine from * Chancellor: German weapons crucial for Ukrainian advance * Klingbeil: Weapon delivery "Reconstruct" Daily "Daily * Report: Federal Government allowed Delivery of Haubitzen (continuously new) Berlin , 17. Sep (Reuters) - Chancellor Olaf Scholz insists that the federal government will not decide solely on the matters to Ukraine. "With everything we do, we will not do it alone," said Scholz on Saturday on Deutschlandfunk.

The fact that there is apparently not even a schedule for the next steps in the ministry is not understandable. A task force for the wind power expansion comes "promptly", a decree is "planned": that was all applied weeks and months ago. It is also more than questionable that the country cannot provide any valid forecasts for expansion. How many wind power or solar systems are under construction, how many are planned or have already been approved- you don't know. However, well -founded forecasts are the basis for realistic objectives. They give an idea of ​​what can be achieved with which measures in what period. The government has to rework.

and then you have to deliver convincing things. The timeline for this is the coming winter. In spring not only every delayed delay will be exhausted. Then people also have a first energy crisis winter. With this experience in mind, you will evaluate whether black and green can offer you a well-thought-out and ambitious energy-political perspective.

Leaked document shows Australian officials 'kept in dark' about French submarine cancellation .
A leaked confidential document gives an insider's perspective on how the Morrison government went about cancelling the French submarine contract, highlighting how officials running the contract were kept in the dark.The leak, on the anniversary of the announcement of the cancelling of the French contract and the establishment of the AUKUS agreement, comes in the wake of revelations that the former prime minister secretly appointed himself to five powerful ministries — although Defence was not among them — and once again throws a spotlight on the way the former government sidestepped normal processes.

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