Sport: questionable oatmeal test: pesticides and molds found in eight products

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  Greens demand for dope to be legalised in Australia A Koo Wee Rup cancer patient is battling to get her money back from an outdoor awning company she says has failed to deliver.

Frankfurt/Main-you not only refine porridge, ensure crunchy cake floors or help muffins to healthier fiber. oatmeal are especially a must in the breakfast muesli.

Haferflocken gelten als gesunde Sattmacher. Zwei Drittel von 29 eingekauften Produkten hielten der Prüfung von © provided by Tag24 oatmeal are considered healthy satin makers. Two thirds of 29 purchased products withstanded the test of "Öko-Test". (Symbol image)

What is so much on everyone must be harmless, finds the magazine " Öko-Test " and took away the robust flakes for their 10/2022 issue in the laboratory.

Result: From 29 products from (organic) supermarkets, discounters and drugstores, two thirds are recommended: 18 cut off very well, three more well. In four products with the judgment "Satisfactory" there are increased traces of pesticides or mineral oils as well as mold toxins.

In another four products, the loads were increased so that they rattled through the test with "insufficient".

The toxic mushrooms had already affected the oats in the field. The testers warn: they are zell toxic and can weaken the immune system.

A dealer then immediately took out the batch that was complained about, the eco-testers report.

was amazed by the buyers about the remarkable price range for the products consisting exclusively of oats: for 500 grams of robust oatmeal, they paid between 69 cents and 3.29 euros.

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