Sport: It was SF or video games, the turret commanded by IA is now a sad reality in Palestine

‘Bodies everywhere’: Survivors recount Lebanon boat disaster

  ‘Bodies everywhere’: Survivors recount Lebanon boat disaster Ninety-seven people have died after an asylum seeker boat from Lebanon capsized in the Mediterranean.More than 150 people were on board the small boat that sailed from crisis-hit Lebanon on Wednesday morning, with the hope of reaching Italy for a better life.

Tourrelle Smart Shooter © © Hadas Parush provided by Clubic Tourrelle Smart Shooter © © Hadas Parush © Hadas Sloius

it's above 'A control point of the Palestinian city of Hebron that the Israeli army has installed a new system of dispersion of the crowds.

capable of drawing paralyzing grenades, tear gas and bullets resembling flashballs, the turret has an AI designed according to the doctrine "One Shot-One Hit".

"A transition from human control to technological control"

The system is designed by Smart Shooter, an Israeli defense company that works on autonomous and semi-autonomous weapons. The company stood out for having designed an accessory to add to assault rifles, assisted by an AI. Helping the soldier to reach his target, or even overcome a possible inability or a refusal to shoot, this device would above all aim to limit collateral accidents. The turret installed in Hebron, still in the test phase, would have similar characteristics.

Ukraine probes suspected mass burial on Russia border

  Ukraine probes suspected mass burial on Russia border Ukraine's latest suspected mass burial site is in a shell-damaged and abandoned industrial chicken farm, on a hill near the Russian border strewn with the debris of battle. De-mining teams have not yet arrived at the site outside Kozacha Lopan, around two kilometres (just over a mile) from the border, and the potential mass grave has yet to be disturbed. © Yasuyoshi CHIBA A damaged car bearing the letter 'Z', the symbol of Russian forces, sits at a possible mine field near a suspected mass grave in Kozacha Lopan "I was told by the soldiers who came to our village that they saw a burial place of soldiers, but they didn't specify the number," sa

Issa Amro, a Hébron human rights activist, explains:

"This system was placed in the center of a very populated area, hundreds of people pass by. Any failure of this technology could have an impact on many individuals. I see this as part of a transition from human control to technological control. The Palestinian population has become an object of experimentation and training for the high -tech Israeli military industry.

Israel, a pioneer of automated systems for military purposes

Hebron was one of the first cities using a system that allows Israeli authorities to identify a person before they even crossed a checkpoint. Called Blue Wolf, the system contains personal information of the population: identity, age, sex, address, registration plates, social ties, professional status in Israel, as well as the negative impressions of soldiers on the behavior of a no one when they meet it.

Coolio dead at 59: Gangsta's Paradise rapper passes away

  Coolio dead at 59: Gangsta's Paradise rapper passes away Rapper Coolio has passed away on Wednesday at the age of 59. The musician was visiting a friend on Wednesday afternoon when he was found dead according to TMZ. Coolio was found unresponsive on a bathroom floor, with the paramedics - who were called to the scene around around 4 PM - suspecting he suffered a cardiac arrest, according to the star's longtime manager, Jarez. © Provided by Daily Mail Gone too soon: Rapper Coolio has passed away on Wednesday at the age of 59; Pictured 2016 The publication reported that the EMTs pronounced Coolio dead on the scene. An official cause of death has not been determined.

Israel has demonstrated its expertise in the field of autonomous weapons, with, among other things, its "iron dome" capable at any time to thwart missile fire. At the same time, the country has been using remote -controlled drones and turrets against civilians since 2018, sometimes in a lethal way. Between autonomous systems able to identify any individual on the fly and remote -controlled weapons capable of killing, the events of Hebron reveal to us that there would be only one step. Especially since this day, the UN has not set up a legislation establishing the primacy of human control over artificial intelligence in the use of autonomous lethal weapons.

Source: vice

War in Ukraine: American intelligence suspects kyiv of having commanded the assassination of Daria Douguine .
© Maxim Shemetov / Reuters Alexandre Douguine delivered a speech in homage to his daughter on August 23. The event had caused a stir in the heart of summer. On August 20, Daria Douguine, daughter of the ultra -nationalist ideologist Alexandre Douguine, had been killed in a car bomb attack , when she returned from a festival near Moscow.

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