Sport: BFMTV in the middle of the storm, a new face apart from the antenna after Jean-Jacques Bourdin

Filip Nikolic of the "2Be3": her daughter Sasha has changed well ... At 17, she talks about the death of her father

 Filip Nikolic of the Filip Nikolic died in 2009 at the age of 35. At the time, his daughter, Sasha, was only 3 years old. Now a teenager, she testifies. She talks about her father and her experience when she had to grow ... © Bestimage Filip Nikolic of the "2be3": her daughter Sasha has changed well ... At 17, she talks about the death of her father. On September 16, 2009, Filip Nikolic , member of the 2BE group »was found lifeless in his Parisian apartment following a drug overdose.

  BFMTV en pleine tempête, un nouveau visage écarté de l'antenne après Jean-Jacques Bourdin provided by all TV

in recent years, BFMTV has established itself as the first news channel in France. TNT channel 15, led by Marc-Olivier Fogiel , did not denume this trend during 2022. It has also been involved in a series of controversies.

Jean-Jacques Bourdin, François Durpaire: series evictions on BFMTV

at the end of January, the Parisian revealed that Jean-Jacques Bourdin was targeted by a complaint for attempted sexual assault. A time stored behind the presumption of innocence, BFMTV resolved to dismiss the presenter of Bourdin Direct from his antenna. A few months later, she engaged in a more radical decision. It ended the employment contract of the husband of Anne Nivat .

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While Jean-Jacques Bourdin bounced via the South Radio antenna, BFMTV crossed a new storm at the start of the 2022/2023 school year. One of his stars consultants found himself involved in a judicial case. It was revealed that François Durpaire , historian and specialist in the United States, had been indicted following a rape complaint, filed by his former partner.

Ségolène Royal Plant BFMTV ...

After having dismissed François Durpaire, BFMTV was led to make a new radical decision. And there again, one of the faces of his antenna was ousted. This is Ségolène Royal . The latter was criticized for not having respected her commitments after the controversy aroused by her words about the war in Ukraine. While it was expected to explain it to BFMTV, the former minister went to a competing channel.

Marc-Olivier Fogiel was invited by Mélanie Taravant in C Media on France 5 to explain the ouster of Ségolène Royal from the BFMTV antenna. "She committed herself to come back, she planted the meeting in which she was supposed to come. From this moment, we decided that the bond of trust with Ségolène Royal was broken ", he said, while confirming that Ségolène Royal was no longer a columnist for the TNT channel 15.

Jean Dujardin: The astonishing reaction of his sons Jules and Simon in front of his Oscar .
© TF1 - Screenshots Jean Dujardin: the astonishing reaction of his sons Jules and Simon facing his Oscar of 50 minutes inside, Saturday 8 October , Jean Dujardin was questioned by Nikos Aliagas about what he felt when he won the Oscar for best actor in 2012, and what his loved ones thought. The opportunity for the actor to reveal the (hilarious) reaction of his sons Jules and Simon facing the golden statuette.

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