Sport: Only a fifth of the over 60-year-old with 2nd booster

COVID vaccine review lead Jane Halton 'surprised' government has not ordered vaccines for 2024

  COVID vaccine review lead Jane Halton 'surprised' government has not ordered vaccines for 2024 Warning "this virus isn't going away", the former health department boss who led a review of the nation's COVID-19 vaccine arrangements says she is surprised the federal government is yet to order vaccines for 2024.Jane Halton's review of vaccine procurement during the pandemic has recommended steps be taken to ensure adequate supplies are available for the next two years.

In the Corona vaccinations, the Schwerin Ministry of Health sees a challenge, especially in the second refreshment for over 60 years. Until a week ago, around a fifth of this age group received the second booster in the northeast, the ministry said at the request of the German Press Agency.

The refreshment at a distance of six months for the last vaccination or infection is Minister Stefanie Dreses (SPD) "urgent advice to all citizens aged 60 and over as well as to people with an increased risk of serious covid 19 processes as a result of a underlying disease", preferably with the mRNA vaccine, which has recently been adapted to the omikron variant. "This gives personal immune protection."

Bec Judd posts beautiful tribute to twins boys on sixth birthday

  Bec Judd posts beautiful tribute to twins boys on sixth birthday Bec Judd has celebrated the sixth birthday of the twin boys' she shares with AFL legend Chris Judd. Posting the lovely tribute to Instagram, the 39-year-old footy WAG called her sons, Tom and Darcy, 'legends', as she wished the lads a happy birthday.'Six years on and I still can't believe our number 3 baby turned out to be number 3 and 4,' she gushed. © Provided by Daily Mail Bec Judd has celebrated the sixth birthday of her twin boys Tom and Darcy with a beautiful tribute.

The new vaccines have been available since mid -September. Recently there was also a vaccin adapted to the Omikron variant Ba.4/5. In total, more than 1,500 vaccinations have already been carried out with the new omicron vaccines. The interest increases.

The demand for vaccinations occurs compared to previous refresher campaigns between November 2021 and February 2022 at a low, but continuously increasing level. Around 5,500 vaccinations per week are currently administered - a doubling compared to the summer months.

Drese said: "The aim of the vaccination campaign in autumn and winter is primarily to avoid serious illness courses and thus also protect the health system and the critical infrastructure."

The quota of those vaccinated at least once is over 75 percent in MV. The value only changes slightly.

"It is correct that a comparatively good basic immunity has now been built up by the combination of vaccinations and infections within the population," said Drese. Not least thereby, the prerequisites compared to previous pandemic phases for the beginning of autumn and winter are significantly better. "However, vaccination or refreshing vaccination is still the most effective means for effective protection, especially against difficult courses."

STIKO recommends Omikron-vaccines for Corona-Booster .
The constant vaccination commission (STIKO) recommends refreshing vaccinations with the adapted omicron vaccines. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) published a corresponding notification of the vaccination recommendation on Tuesday on its website. "The vaccine is fundamentally approved for all people who have received basic immunization," said STIKO member Christian Bogdan from the University Clinic Erlangen of the platform Science Media Center.

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