Sport: Energy Group: RWE pulls out coal phase-out eight years-two power plants remain on the network

coal -fired power plants from reserve may stay longer on the network

 coal -fired power plants from reserve may stay longer on the network In the energy crisis, hard coal power plants that are brought back from the reserve are allowed to stay on the network longer. The federal government agreed on this. On October 1st, lignite power plants can also return to the electricity market. © Patrick Pleul/DPA central picture/dpa In addition to hard coal power plants, lignite-fired power plants can also return to the electricity market from the beginning of October.

Die grüne NRW-Wirtschaftsministerin, der grüne Bundeswirtschaftsminister haben zusammen mit dem RWE-Chef einen beschleunigten Kohleausstieg 2030 vorgestellt. Foto: dpa © provided by Handelsblatt The Green NRW Minister of Economics, the Green Federal Minister of Economics, together with the RWE boss, presented an accelerated 2030 coal exit. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright =

The energy group wants to get out of coal as early as 2030. With the agreement, the federal government comes a little closer to its goal from the coalition agreement.

The Energy Group RWE wants to prefer the coal phase -out by eight years to 2030. This emerges from a key point agreement between RWE, the Federal Ministry of Economics and the NRW Ministry of Economics. The decision was presented on Tuesday morning by Minister of Economics Robert Habeck, NRW Minister of Economics Mona Neubaur and RWE boss Markus Krebber to journalists.

Climate change has come for the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter

  Climate change has come for the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter China’s catastrophic summer shows its climate adaptation plans still have a long way to go.As weather historian Maximiliano Herrera told New Scientist magazine last month while the heat waves were ongoing, “There is nothing in world climatic history which is even minimally comparable to what is happening in China.” In at least 17 provinces, more than 240 cities saw temperatures exceeding 104 degrees Fahrenheit. (Normally, a metropolis like Chongqing, at the center of this heat wave in southwestern China, only sees temperatures as high as 92°F.

The agreement also stipulates that two power plant blocks, which should be shut down according to the current legal situation at the end of the year, continue until spring 2024. This would strengthen the security of supply and save natural gas in the electricity market.

Habeck said that this decision for the residents in the lignite regions means that their villages and courtyards are retained. However, the Lützerath settlement had to be "cleared up" because RWE needs the lignite surfaces underneath.

The traffic light coalition at the federal level has the goal of "ideally" preferring the coal phase-out in Germany, which has been planned by 2038 at the latest, as it says in the coalition agreement. However, this is only possible if the power supply is ensured on days with little sun and wind via other power plants. If coal and nuclear power plants are eliminated, gas power plants must take on this task.

Australia's great energy transition reaches a 'tipping point' as clock winds forward for coal

  Australia's great energy transition reaches a 'tipping point' as clock winds forward for coal Everywhere you looked over the past few days it seemed the super-charged transition from coal-fired power to renewable energy was on display. So what's next?"I think it's a tipping point," Professor Mountain told ABC radio.

Habeck explained: "At the same time, energy security must of course also be guaranteed for 2030 and beyond, which is why we will make a tender for hydrogen gas power plants." It is more precise about gas power plants that are switched to hydrogen as quickly as possible be able. Habeck said: "I assume that part of it, if not everything, can be provided by RWE."

RWE boss penetrates remuneration for gas power plants in Reserve

With the agreement, the Federal Government comes from the coalition agreement a piece closer. RWE boss Markus Krebber said: "We will end the lignite power generation in 2030." However, he emphasized the conditions that, in his view, must be fulfilled so that the coal phase-out could succeed by 2030. According to Krebber, the Federal Government must create the right framework conditions to expand renewable energies in Germany as soon as possible. RWE also needs clarity through the expansion of the hydrogen network in Germany. This is the only way to make investment and location decisions about hydrogen-capable gas power plants.

Climate change: Australia's coal fired power plants to close by 2035 as renewables brought in

  Climate change: Australia's coal fired power plants to close by 2035 as renewables brought in The end of coal-fired power in Australia was essentially sealed this week with the nation's largest power company and an entire state pledging to go 'net zero' by 2035.AGL Energy announced on Thursday that it will shut down all of its coal plants, including the country's biggest polluter, the Loy Yang A station in Victoria, a full decade ahead of the scheduled 2045 closure.

It takes framework conditions to tackle the addition of hydrogen -capable gas power plants as soon as possible, because the preliminary run for such projects is up to six years. "In our view, the conditions for this must be created next year to enable the coal phase -out in 2030," said Krebber.

The RWE boss said that the group would finance the construction of the new gas power plants from private means. However, it must be clarified how the power plants are paid. The problem: The power plants should only be available for emergency, i.e. for days when the German electricity requirement cannot be sufficiently covered from wind and solar power.

So they would fire as little gas as possible. As a result, the gas power plants do not pay off. Therefore, the power plant operators would like them to be paid for the provision of secure electricity production.


RWE is expanding with a billion-dollar purchase in the USA-criticism by shareholder Enkraft

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